Wednesday, January 13, 2016

sharing Cecilia's 7 month update

I must have kept my eyes closed too long while I blinked because suddenly I realize my "baby" isn't such an itty bitty thing anymore. Instead you are growing and thriving and changing every single day.  Now you are 7 months old and officially closer to being 1 than you are a newborn and my heart just hurts thinking about that. I wish I could find a way to bottle up time and keep you this little and sweet forever.

You finally had your "6 month" checkup at exactly 7 months old. You are now 16.2 pounds and 24.5 inches long. You are thick in the middle as I like to say. You have a rounded little belly and the chubbiest but cutest little thighs I have EVER seen. I could seriously pinch them all day.

You are wearing size 2 diapers still and almost all of your clothes are 3-6, or 6 months. We have started putting you in some 9 month jammies though! Though you don't wear shoes often, you are between a size 1 and 2.

You are sitting up totally and completely on your own now. You don't even require a pillow for support or "just in case" anymore.

You have started to lean into whomever you want to pick you up and will put your hands up in anticipation of being picked up. It absolutely melts my heart to see you leaning towards me, wanting held.

You are suddenly very interested in whatever Milania is playing with and get very upset if we take anything away from you. There are just some things I don't trust you with quite yet but you seem to have different opinions than us! We used to be able to trick you and you'd just focus on the next thing but you're too smart for that now.
You aren't quite crawling but are very able to lean forward on all 4's and get what is in front of you and you surprise your dad and I by moving so much without actually crawling. Eventually you will have worked your way across the living room and we aren't even sure how you did it! You just kind of scoot!
You still have just your bottom two teeth, but I have a feeling a few on top aren't far away!

Stranger Anxiety
You still have this but I am confident it is getting better. You don't want random people holding or touching you but you don't panic when they look at you like you used to. Were making progress!
You are still 100% in our bed. In fact, your crib is filled with clothes and toys and everything else it shouldn't be. I set you in there sometimes when I'm organizing your room and that's about the extent of it. We will get you moved into there before you go to college...I hope.
Bath time
Standing up assisted
Sitting on the hardwood and playing with toys
Sleeping in our bed, not your own
You're starting to like riding in the stroller through the mall or stores as well
Frozen teethers
When mom and dad try to get alone time at night to watch tv, leaving you in our bed all alone.
When Milania screams in your face
Getting out of the bath
Getting dressed

Your first time staying in a hotel; it was our 3 year wedding anniversary on NYE and we stayed in a hotel in DM that had a waterpark. You hated the waterpark but fell asleep when daddy held you so he cuddled you while mommy played with Milania.

Happy 3 years to us! There was no where else we would have rather been on NYE and our wedding anniversary than playing with you two.

Mae Mae wants you to "wake!"

You love sitting on this playmat and playing with your toys on it.

These are the BEST. Seriously, these could work as mug shots. These two children don't look like they're about to enjoy an awesome vacation!