Saturday, November 7, 2015

Halloween 2015

It comes as no surprise to anyone who knows Milania that she was Minnie Mouse for Halloween. And who is Minnie Mouse without a sidekick, Mini Minnie Mouse?!
Last year at this time Cici was just a little seed in my belly and Milania having just turned 1 didn't understand. She wore the costume and went to visit family and friends but didn't understand any of it. This year however, things have changed. Cici just being 4 months old didn't have a clue, and we were unsure how it would all go with Milania but after the first 2 houses in our neighborhood, Ryan and I smiled at each other as we both knew she understood that all she had to do was walk up to a house and grab candy and leave! She LOVED it. So we totally went trick-or-treating this year, for real!
I pushed Cici in the stroller (she was in her infant seat with a blanket and the cover over her seat) and Ryan carried/walk with Milania from door to door. She would go up to the house, smile, grab some candy, and turn towards the next house. When given the opportunity, she would ALWAYS go for the sucker. I'm not joking, I think she came home with about 20 suckers!
We had so much fun making new memories with our two little Minnie Mouses. When I laid my head on my pillow that night I told Ryan "my heart is so full".

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