Thursday, October 15, 2015

{happy 2nd birthday, Milania Mae}

I can remember so clearly the day you were born; all of the details and minutes of that day seem so vivid.
As we pulled up to the hospital that morning, the sun was peeking over the horizon and it was the most gorgeous October Day. I couldn't help but think that God had this planned all along--he wanted me to see that beautiful sunrise that morning signaling a new day and a new life.
And when you finally arrived that night and Dr. Bruxvoort placed you on my chest, I knew in that moment that this new life had begun. I was now a mommy, Ryan was a daddy, and you were ours, forever and ever. And for the first time in my life, I understood the phrase "love at first sight." My heart felt as though it might explode at any minute from the immense love and emotion of finally meeting you.
And yet somehow, even with all these memories so vivid in my mind, 2 years has slipped through my fingers and I now have a toddler.
A toddler who is walking, talking, and demanding to wear jewelry.
So today we celebrate. We celebrate the day you were born because it is your day. We celebrate the day you were born because it is our day as well. We celebrate the little girl we created, brought into this world and have raised. We celebrate the past two years of your life and we celebrate the little girl you are today. We celebrate your birthday because it was one of the best days of our life.
"Heaven blew every trumpet and played every horn on the wonderful, marvelous night you were born"

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