Tuesday, August 18, 2015

updating on Miss Cecilia Rose. {2 months}

Our little miss is 2 months old...

Weight: 11lbs 2.5ounces
Height: 22inches

Sizing: as you can tell, the little miss had her 2 month checkup the day after she turned 2 months and was looking just perfect. She was in the 58% for height and 51% for weight, so just about average all the way around. I don't remember her head circumference off the top of my head, but it was right around there also. She has officially outgrown all of her newborn clothes except a few onesies, which we went ahead and put away anyway, and it certainly hurt this mama's heart a little. Putting them away with any kid is hard, but knowing she is most likely our last makes it sting a little worse! She is holding pretty steady in the size 1 diapers for now and I don't see that changing for a bit.

Social: The BEST thing this past month is that we are blessed to see that social smile. The first time she did it Ryan was changing her diaper and swore she was smiling. I thought she had smiled at me earlier that day but wasn't convinced, but when I saw her smiling at him, I was totally convinced. Now she loves to smile at anyone and everyone, especially her mama and dada.

Temperament: I hate to brag, but she is seriously THE BEST baby. I am not kidding, she rarely cries, and is totally content just chilling. When she does cry, its easy to get her settled down. She loves to be put in the Moby or cuddled on daddy's chest and she's back to her relaxed state..easy as pie! I don't like to compare the girls to one another but we earned our badge of honor with Milania so I'm glad this little pumpkin is just letting us soak in all her newborn cuddles and skipping the colic/screaming 23 hours a day stage.

Sleep: This also seems like a heaven send. She will usually go to "bed" around 9-9:30 and wakes up anywhere between 1-3. From there it's usually every 1 or 2 hours shes awake but that first long stretch is awesome and gives me hope we can keep increasing it! Of course we have our off nights and this is just in general, but I'm so happy with it.

Nursing, and ONLY nursing
The Moby (as you can tell by the pictures below)

Tummy Time
Being in her carseat
being swaddled

**I still have to sleep sitting up, so I sleep in a chair in the living room. I am not ready to put her in her nursery yet (and its not even finished) so she sleeps beside me in the Rock N Play or bassinette.

Overall, we are blessed with the happiest, sweetest, most relaxed baby, and I couldn't be more thankful. She is the best little addition to our family we could have ever dreamed of and I can't imagine life without her---she is just what this tiny little family dreamed of.

Here are some pictures over the last month, enjoy!


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