Sunday, January 25, 2015


My, my, how I've let the time slip between my fingers again. My New Year's Resolution was to blog more consistently, whether that is once a month, once very 2 weeks, or once a week; just to get something on here every once in awhile would work. So I'm going to try!
So here, in one single post, I will try to catch everyone up on what is going on in the new year for the Beary family.
Lets start with our number 1, shall we?
Miss Milania Mae is absolutely thriving. She is growing and changing and has somehow turned into a little toddler right before our very eyes. She loves baths/swimming, being read to, the puppies, and crackers. She also loves playing in the curtains and watching Mickey Mouse. She's not a fan of meat, getting her ears cleaned, riding in a cart or a stroller, or being told "no". She says a few words, including Dezi, Dada, and yeah. She points to things she wants and loves cleaning and helping around the house. She is still very tiny for her age, so we are currently working on chunking her up a bit--if anyone has any suggestions, please throw them our way! We love her more than we ever thought possible and can't imagine our lives without this little ball of energy. As Ryan once said, "I can't believe we waited this long to have a kid; we were missing out on a lot."
Baby 2.0

She DOES have a name, but we are holding off a few weeks to make sure she is in fact, a girl, before we start writing her monogram all over everything! My pregnancy with her has been....going. I still get sick quite often and have determined that this is just how pregnancy is for me. I had always hoped Milania was just an exception and the rest would be smooth sailing but I was wrong. Besides that, she also seems to be doing well. Everything looked great at our anatomy scan this past week and our Dr. was pleased with my progression. I am over the moon excited to bring another baby into this world, but I DO hope she stays cooking until June. I am in my cousin's wedding just 10 days before she's due and don't want any early surprises!
As for Ryan and I
Everything is going great. Ryan has been working a lot of hours (what else is new) lately and doesn't get home until late in the evening just a bit before Milania's bed time sometimes which stinks, but his job is what enables me to be home with Milania so for that, I am thankful. And those two certainly make up for lost time on the weekends--she is his little leach! I also have been subbing here and there. It's nice to get back in the classroom and has been wonderful for Milania. She goes to daycare and though I'm not sure she "loves" it in any sense of the word, she has really started to come out of her shell a little more at a time, which is great. So besides work and Dr. appts, consuming all our time, we were lucky enough to slip away on a vacation with a group of friends earlier this month. We left Miss Milania with her grandparents (which we had never done before!) and had some "adult time" and "us time" which was exactly what we needed. We spent our days and nights swimming or lounging by the pool and just chatting. Another afternoon we spent at the beach and ate at a cute little seaside restaurant, but besides that we really did nothing and we loved every minute of it. Though we missed our little pumpkin terribly, it was nice to just be us again....and to remember what the Sun feels like! ;) We've vowed to do that once a year from here on out!
Dezi and Bella
....are still Dezi and Bella. Milania loves them dearly and they don't like her one bit. They aren't mean to her (usually) but they just totally avoid her, unless of course she is eating. Then all the sudden they love her. Ay ay ay.
So that is where our life is now! Over the next few months, you'll find me doing a long-term sub position at the school, Milania in daycare for awhile, and Ryan working his same hours! We are blessed to be part of 3 weddings this Spring/Summer and also have a baby to prepare for in just 4 short months! Life is busy, but we wouldn't have it any other way.