Saturday, August 16, 2014

giving Milania's 10 month update!

We still aren't quite walking but we are pretty dang good at standing unassisted for long periods and can whip right around furniture if holding on. She is thinking about taking steps but just isn't quite into it.

Using our hands or her push walker, she can zip all over the house also! I usually help her walk to get the mail every day and even though it takes us 20 minutes, she loves it and squeels the entire time!

If she gets ahold of the remote she will insticitvely point it at the television, or hold a cell phone up to her ear. I don't watch television all day long so this is certainly from her daddy! The cell phone thing is on both of us. 

Miss Milania is no longer a snaggle tooth either; she has 2 teeth on the bottom now that have fully popped through! 

Finally, my sweet baby girl is liking being read to. I've been waiting on this day since she was conceived! She will sit for a book or two and help me turn the pages and sometimes she will even chatter back to me as I read, as if she knows the words and I'm saying them all wrong ;) I love it!

Miss Milania is still wearing size 2 diapers. Her shoes are about the same...size 2 also. Clothes are a pretty big range right now; she can wear some 0-3 or 3 month things but the majority of stuff is 3-6 or 6 month. Onesies are all smaller but jeans and pajamas are always on the 6 month end of things. I don't think she's in anything 9 months yet off the top of my head. 

Mae Mae, Mildog, Pumpkin, Mil. {We call her all of these but call her "Mae Mae" 99% of the time}

The puppies
Pushing her walker around
Being outside
Waffles and toast
Squealing at the top of her lungs
Dog food
Being read to
Hair--she's obsessed with pulling hair!
Destroying magazines 

Getting her face wiped
Diaper changes 
Holding still
Having to be held--she'd rather be crawling