Monday, September 15, 2014

updating on Miss Milania. {11 months}

Miss Milania is officially 11 months old today. To an extent, this breaks my little heart. Our baby is disappearing and she is transitioning into a toddler in front of our very eyes. I hate thinking I will have to say "she's 1" instead of "she's 9 months" here soon. Yet on the other hand, I know we are so very blessed to have been able to watch her grow, thrive, and develop over the last 11 months, nearing a year now. So if I seem a little sad this month, it's because my baby is growing up :)

MISS MILANIA IS WALKING. At just over 10 months she started taking very small steps, as in 1 or 2 at the very most. She did this for a couple weeks and within the last week (so a week shy of 11 months) she took off; she can walk several feet now!
As I type this, she has another top tooth trying to poke through. The gums are split but you can't see the pearly white quite yet. So if you're keeping track, that's 4 teeth total!
I'm not sure this is a development exactly, but she can pucker her lips and with her hand make the noise when you swipe up and down on them. Haha, I know it's nothing cool but it is cute!
She loves to climb stairs and climb up on things in general. She can climb the full set of stairs with no help, and has recently begun putting her little feet in the holes of the baby gate and trying to climb up it!
She has also learned to cover her ears and scream or make different sounds and listen to the echo in her head. It's just so funny to see the things she learns day-to-day.
About 2 weeks ago she also learned to drink from a straw. She can't figure it out with small straws but the bigger ones she can...weird, right?
Overall, I would describe this month as saying her personality has really blossomed. She's always had a strong personality but this month, it has really taken off and she is no longer acting like a baby but more like a little kid. She will get wound up and play crazy with us, and it just melts our heart to see her that way. Basically we think she's the coolest kid ever :)
She is still in size 2 diaper but we are transitioning her to size 3 when these run out! She is wearing mostly 3-6 or 6 month clothes and size 2 shoe.
Girlfriend is still very "mom and dad only" but we are getting better! Ashlee watched her for a little while a few weeks ago and said she did great AND she spent a "practice morning" at the babysitter this past week while I had a Dr. appt and also got a good report! I'm hoping this will socialize her a bit more and she won't have such bad anxiety when we cut her umbilical cord :)
The puppies
Food! Lots and lots of food! Waffles, cherries, and rice remain her favorites.
Getting read to
When I open the fridge
"Helping" take the dogs out 
Being outside in general
Being tickled 
Running from us 

Diaper changes--this is a nightmare 
Getting dressed or undressed
Car rides
Mom or dad leaving the room
Having her face wiped

Finally-- since were on the final countdown to Miss Milania's 1 year birthday and I realized I haven't blogged nearly as much as I wanted to this year, I am going to *try* to blog EVERY SINGLE WEEK DAY this month leading up to her birthday. I will blog about things that have helped us survive the first year such as toys and teethers, to carseats, first birthday party planning, and working or staying at home..basically anything baby related. I will be sharing the link on my Facebook most days, but feel free to check back here as well in case I forget! I'm looking forward to it and I hope some of you are as well!

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