Sunday, June 22, 2014

babyproofing...yikes! {8 month update}

Our sweet Miss Milania Mae is now 8 months old! Crazy, right?! I feel like she should still be my little cuddly babe that won't let me set her down but let me tell you..those days are GONE. This girl is B.U.S.Y. This last month has definitely been the month of the most change so far. The best way to put it is... she really just blossomed this month, learning all kinds of new tricks.

The biggest: SHE LEARNED TO CRAWL! At 7 months and 1 week, the little miss went from being immobile to movin' and groovin'. Less than a week prior to that she began getting up on all 4's and rocking back and forth and then face planting. I knew crawling was on the horizon but I had no idea it would just be a matter of days. From the time she started moving until she had really mastered it was literally about 3 days. Now? She is EVERYWHERE and she is FAST. I literally go the restroom and come back and have to play "where did the baby go?" every time. Usually? The dogs' dish.
The other "oh my": She can pull herself up on anything..and everything. Apparently the little miss wasn't content with just crawling places; once she began crawling she immediately became interested in bigger and better things and started to pull herself up. This was less than a week after she began crawling! Is it just me or is that crazy?! So now, you can find her standing most of the day, usually banging on something like her play table or clearing off a coffee table for me.
She's also really started to "talk" more this past month. She makes a lot more sounds that are more defined, yet not quite words.
If you hold her hands and walk with her, she will take some very wobbly steps along with you. Her legs aren't near strong enough for walking on her own but she certainly knows what to do.
She will get mad or cry if we take her away from things she's playing the food dish. This is new because she used to just go onto the next thing, now she is mad!
She will "help you" set her up after a diaper change or when you unbuckle her from her carseat or highchair she knows to squeeze her arms out and sit up.
She has really started to copy things we are doing at this point. If you pound on something she will do it, if you open and close your hands, she will do it. She is certainly taking everything in.
Pincer grasp: girlfriend has got it.
Along with that, this last week, she has really taken off with food. Her favorite? Toast with apple butter. Tonight we had pasta with red sauce and she really liked that also.
She is still a happy girl! We take her everywhere with us now and never have to worry about the full blown screaming that we lived with 24 hours a day for a few months. I am so thankful for that and have really learned to appreciate being able to do mundane things with her that weren't possible before.
She is still on her "mom only kick" and I'm afraid to say, it's getting worse. When I go too far or really even let anyone else hold her she starts hyperventilating like she can't breathe. She literally acts like someone cut off her oxygen dramatic. It's gotten to the point where she won't even let Ryan be the one to get up with her at night (he used to help me once a night), so that's awesome.
Girlfriend weighed in at 15lbs 4 ounces about 2 weeks ago, so she is definitely gaining. She is still such a little peanut though; she is wearing about half 0-3 or 3 month things, and half 3-6 or 6 month things. All sleepers are 6 months and diapers are size 2. Shoes are still 0-3 and those still seem to be big so that won't change for awhile.
..........zzzz.............doesn't happen.
I could go on and on about how precious she is but a few things that absolutely melt my heart:
When she gets tired she tugs on her ears and the entire time she is falling asleep whether it be nursing or sucking on a pacifier she is tugging away on them. I don't know why but it is just so sweet. Her daddy and I both know its a sure sign of nap time when we see the ear tug start.
As you know, she has loved Dezi and Bella since before she was born. With her new found freedom of crawling, this love has become a full blown obsession. I am not kidding you, she chases Dezi around allllll day. The best part? Dezi is a hard sleeper and 9/10 times Milania will get within a couple inches of her and she is so happy that she caught her that she will let out a squeal or start laughing hysterically, which then leads to Dezi waking up and running away. If she would only be quiet... (Cassie's dog Oscar was a good sport last week and let her catch him several times. She literally laughed for about an hour chasing him around their living room!)
I don't think I mentioned this before but she had a hearing screening done a couple weeks ago because she was "high risk" for hearing loss because Ryan had tubes several times as a kid. She passed!




One of my very favorite pictures of her

She's too busy for outfit pictures now :(

Some of the great-grandkids at Grandma's

Not the best picture, but her first time in a high chair at a restaurant


Fan gazing


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