Sunday, May 18, 2014

wondering where the last 7 months have gone. {Miss Milania's 7 month update}

My sweet little baby has officially turned 7 months old. I have no idea where the time has gone, but it certainly has flown by. I cannot believe this sweet pea has been a part of our lives for 7 months, and that I have been blessed to spend the last 7 months by her side, watching her learn and grow, every single day.

  • The biggest: SHE IS ALMOST CRAWLING! Just in the last few days she has REALLY taken to crawling and will get up on all 4s, rock back and forth, and move her arms and legs forward, but she hasn't quite gotten the sequence down yet. She will face-plant some of the time, and just give up the rest of the time. I think in the next week or so, or even matter of days, she will be moving!
  • She has stood with help for a long time now, but recently shes started standing on her own if she has something to hold onto--her play table, swing, back of couch, etc.
  • She finally has started to sit up unassisted. Sometimes she can sit that way for quite awhile, and other times she'll still fall over, but she definitely knows how to do it. If she's has something to help her, she can even pull herself up from laying down to a sitting position.
  • We've also been giving her food more consistently the last few weeks. Her favorites so far seem to be bananas and sweet potatoes, although tonight I gave her a bite of pickle thinking she would pucker up and literally..she LOVED it. She started panting like a dog and going nuts for more...only my child.
  • She has really become more interested in bath time as she has learned how to splash around. She wants the faucet running now and will try to grab at the water, and is constantly kicking her legs and waving her arms all around making water go everywhere and smiling as she does it. She also got her first set of bath toys and has been having fun with them.
  • She is still on her "mom only" kick, but really, I can't blame her for this. Her and I are together 24/7 and literally, the last time I left her was almost 2 months ago when I left her with Ryan while I got my nails done with PB. So of course she freaks when anyone else tries to hold her or she sees new faces coming at her. I do hope it starts to subside though for her sake :(
  • In general..I would just say she is BUSY! My grandma even said she is the busiest baby she has ever seen..she is just on the go, taking time out for nothing! She is into everything and trying to get everywhere--so much so, that I baby proofed our outlets today when I caught her banging a toy on the outlet plate.
Like I said last month, I have a happy baby! We can go places and do things and all enjoy ourselves. A couple weeks ago Ryan, her, and myself all spent the day in Des Moines shopping and just out and about. Honestly, she was sooooo good; she literally didn't cry all day. So to say she's turned a corner is an understatement. I even got asked last week "is she always this happy?!" ha! I just smiled and said "yes, yes she is!" with confidence.
Her sleep is still absolutely terrible. I thought she was getting better for awhile as she was only up a few times at night, but the past week has been terrible again with her being up at least 6-8 times a night. I've just thrown my hands up in the air at this point and quit keeping track. It will get better at some point, right??
She's still in her size 2 diapers and mostly 0-3 or 3 month clothes. We have gotten her into a few outfits that are 3-6 months but I have to roll the sleeves and waist line on them so they really don't fit. 6 month sleepers however, do fit her the best.
bath time/ playing with her bath toys
her Jumperoo
stroller rides
her playtable
water bottles to play with
rolling all around the living room
being "flown" around
being tickled
Dezi and Bella
anyone bouncing a ball will make her laugh every time
getting ready for bed
clothes changes
her last nap of the day
her ears being cleaned
face being wiped down

I say this every month, but I feel like she changes daily. If you would have seen her a week ago she was nowhere near crawling, now I'm saying she will be crawling in the next few days/week! It's just amazing to me how quickly she changes and learns and grows each and every single day. She has brought more laughter and love to my life than I ever thought possible--sometimes I just feel like my heart could explode with all the love I have for her. I know it sounds cliché, but I am so blessed to be her mom, and thank God for her every single day.
***Last night I was exhausted and wanted to eat dinner (Ryan had already eaten) and I suggested he just give her a bath so I could eat then we could get to bed. He kept putting it off and I even had the water ran and towel ready for him and finally I said "why aren't you putting her in?" and then he said.."I'm nervous to give her a bath." I don't know why, but it absolutely melted my heart. If you know Ryan well, you know he is very arrogant (self assured) about EVERYTHING. To see him worried about his little girl and his abilities to bathe her just melted my heart. I hadn't even realized that he had never done it before as he does so much with her as it is, and then him admitting he was nervous to do so totally caught me off guard. I ended up helping him doing it, but showed/told him what to do and how we do it, and I'm sure he will be able to do it next time--without worry!

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~Karen~ said...

I have a 100% mommy's girl too (not complaining entirely, but it is draining!). We were struggling with sleeping also, she would wake up all the time and seemed like she could never settle. I know it is not for everyone, but I would lay her in her crib and sit in her room with her so she could see me for a few nights. After those few nights when she wouldn't cry when I put her down (finally) I would put her in her crib and leave the door open, but leave. Once she got used to that, the next few nights I would put her in her crib and close the door. She would fuss, but I think she knew we were right out there. Now, she goes in her bed, plays with her pacifier and passes out. It is SO amazing! I think what you guys are experiencing is object permanence. Thats why, if you can find a way to reassure her that you are still "there" she is fine.

Good luck! She is so sweet!