Tuesday, May 20, 2014

sharing the Little Miss' baptism.

Ryno and I had always planned to have our babies baptized at just a few weeks old but with the timing of Milania's birthday and also the holidays, the first several weeks/couple months became a little hectic. Then, when things started to calm down, Milania did the opposite; she started her screaming business. And as I've mentioned before, we literally could not leave the house without her full on screaming. I didn't go ANYWHERE for a couple months so sitting through mass and a baptism just didn't seem possible. And..I didn't want it to be a stressful event for her or us, I wanted it to be something happy, positive.
When things started to calm down with the screaming and our sweet baby became much more calm natured, we became ready to get her baptized! I called Father Mike and set up her baptism!
On May 18th, the little miss got baptized.

It was THE perfect day.

She was surrounded by family and friends, everyone who loves her. 

The ceremony went without a hitch; we had the most calm baby, who was all smiles and sat so perfectly still the entire time, chewing on mommy's bracelet. Even when the water was poured over her head, she was totally relaxed.
We are so thankful for such a wonderful day and for everyone who was there to support and show their love. We love you all!!
Those who attended: Ryan and I; Bob and Tammy; Rob and Susan; Shelly and Gma Conner; Grandma Pudge and Jim; Abi, Nathan, and the boys; Scott, Ashlee, and Faye; Kari and Quinn, Cassie, Aaron, Kinsley, and Kristan, Brittney Self, Chris Dykstra, Rachel Rockwell

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