Friday, March 14, 2014

still a Blue Demon.

Ryan and I went to several of the boys basketball games this year and have kept up with the ones we weren't able to attend. His cousin Mason plays, and we just enjoy going in general. They are about the right amount of time for us to slip away from mommy and daddy duty for an hour or so, but not too long to where I get major anxiety leaving her. It doesn't hurt that the school is literally 2 blocks from our house so I could come home STAT if needed.

Moving on...

This year was something special though..they made it to state! And with us attending a majority of the other games, it only seemed right that we also followed them to the state tournament.

Ryan asked me to go several times and I kept saying "no" because I didn't want to leave Milania. Then he and Bob kept asking me to bring her and still, I kept saying "no". She is still so young and fragile and being in the stands around all those people scares me because of sickness but would most definitely be overstimulating for her as well. Finally Ryan text me from work and said he got a suite and would really like if we came. So, with that, I caved. I knew the suite would keep her away from everyone and perhaps even drown out some of the sights and sounds for her as well.

So Monday evening we loaded up the car with Bob, Tammy, Jake, Ryan, Milania and myself and we were off to the Well!
Milania and Sophie

 Our suite was perfect. my ONLY complaint was that it was located on the opposite side of the stands from where Albia was but it was still perfect for us. There were several chairs, a bar area, coffee table, fridge, sink to heat up her bottle, etc. Seriously, it couldn't have been any better for us.
The little turd stayed awake the entire ride up there and then also throughout the game but all in all, she did very well and surpsied me! She is getting older and I love that we can actually take her places without total meltdowns that last for hours.
These jeans though >>>
I just feel so bad for one ever wants to hold her ;)
Unfortunately, Albia lost but they played a good game and even making it to state was a huge accomplishment! We are glad we got to go and be a part of it and wish them luck next year!

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