Tuesday, March 25, 2014

braggin' on my main gal. {5 month update}

My sweet, sweet baby has turned yet another month old. We are now at 5 months and I can hardly believe it! She still seems so young to me, yet she is such a different baby than when we brought her home..or even since last month! It's crazy how quickly they change, isn't it?!



A few weeks ago she finally found her feet! She randomly discovered them during a diaper change and now she is always tugging and pulling on them and has her toes in her mouth every chance she gets. She has also learned how to pull her socks off which is an ongoing battle throughout the day to keep them on! Sometimes I put socks and booties on her to trick her into just pulling one off...it doesn't work ;)

Something else she has recently learned is how to make SEVERAL more noises, one being a very high pitched squeal. And I don't know if all babies do this, but once she learns something new she does it over and over and over and over and over. Basically, it sounds like a pterodactyl is dying in our house 24 hours a day.

This past month she has also started to really mimic what we are doing. If we are drinking she will tilt her head back and open her mouth bringing anything up to it, doing exactly as we are. She has started to do this with food recently too but she has a teething toy in her hand instead..it is just so cute. She also will "talk" back to me in either a high or low pitch imitating what I am doing and sometimes if I start whispering she will try to copy that. It is so cute to see her take everything in like a little sponge!

I don't know whether this is necessarily a "development" per se but this past month especially she has really become attached to me. She has always preferred me over everyone else but recently its become a lot worse. She will even start to fuss if I leave the room now and instantly stop the minute I return. On one hand I love that she wants/needs me and that I can literally get her calmed down instantly, but on the other hand I don't like that it makes it hard on her and anyone else watching her, including her daddy. Ryan and I joke that "she needs plugged back in" or that "her cord wont stretch that far" if I'm too far away from her, insinuating that she is still connected by an umbilical cord :)

And then, I'd say her biggest accomplishment of this past month was that she learned that her legs can "bounce" her. Anytime we're holding her up now she is constantly bouncing whether it's in our arms or standing on the changing pad. She got so good at it that I decided maybe she could actually use her Jumperoo and as soon as I put her in it, she put two and two together and has been bouncing ever since!

Overall, I would say she has really just become more "alert" and seemingly a lot older with each month that passes. Everyone has always commented on how alert she is but she really is, she takes in EVERYTHING. I guarantee she knows if a picture frame is off center in this house she has analyzed everything so much! Along with becoming older, she has also started to develop opinions about a lot more things. She knows where she wants to be laid down, whether or not she wants to swing, which side she wants to nurse on, etc. She has an opinion about it! She is just so curious about the world and how she interacts with it and that doesn't seem to be slowing down, nor do I hope it does!


I'm not exactly sure how much she weighs as we don't go back to the Dr. for another month but I'm guessing somewhere between 13-14 pounds. She is still wearing all her 0-3 month clothes (I'd like to burn them all I have seen her in the same few outifts so much!) and wearing size 2 diapers. I can tell her little feet are growing though because several of her socks are now too small yet we bought her a pair of 0-3 month shoes that I cant even see her toes in they are so big on her!


I said this last month but we are definitely past this! Just when I thought we couldn't survive another day, she basically just stopped being a fussy little monster. We literally hadn't gone anywhere in a couple months at one point and I thought I was going to pull my hair out so I am SO thankful to be through that. Heck, we even went to Menard's this past weekend and she rode in the stroller taking in everything like a big girl!  So thankful.



No really. It's still horrible. She is literally awake around 20 times a night now every..single...night. Do I want to die in the mornings? Yes. But then I open my eyes and see that gummy smile looking up at me and I find energy I didn't know I had! I always tell people, I never actually knew what being tired was until I became a mama! We're working on it though.


She still LOVES her puppies...like, she is obsessed with them, Bella especially. She thinks Bella is the greatest thing on this planet! Bella used to be too quick for her to track everywhere but now she's got it and hardly takes her eyes off of her all day.

She also loves to scream or squeal. She will just chatter away as loud as her little voice will allow for long periods of time!

Putting anything in her mouth that she can get her hands on, especially Sophie (her teething toy).

Bath time..still.

Getting her diaper changed, but she doesn't like getting her clothes changed at all!


One of my favorite pictures ever

This little peanut is the greatest thing that has EVER happened to her dad and I and I couldn't be more proud to be her mommy or more blessed than to be able to be with her every step of the way.


Cayla said...

1. You two make beautiful babies
2. Seeing her pictures and how happy you are just makes my heart so happy :)
3, Does her wardrobe come in adult sizes? I mean.... ;)

Brittany at Torts and a Tiara said...

She is such a sweetie!!! Cutest Baby Award. I love her, and I've never even met her!!

xoxo Britt

Kelsey Homolka said...

i just dont get how she gets cuter every month??! seriously!! i love that youre taking her out more, get her used to crowds and all that fun stuff :)