Monday, February 24, 2014

the mommy of a 4 month old! {4 month update}

Yet another month has flown by and here we are again, giving another monthly update on Miss Milania.


First and foremost, Miss Milania has learned how to roll over BOTH ways this past month. The first time she rolled was in her crib when she went back to tummy twice. That was a Friday evening and then Monday morning she went tummy to back! She hasn't done them consecutively or even rolled back to tummy again actually, but she definitely has the hang of it. It's kinda hard to roll when you're being held all the time ;)
This past month she has really started to stand. If she's sitting in our lap, she is trying to push herself up so she can stand on our lap. When I pick her up from her changing table, she automatically goes to her feet to try to stand..its so cute.  It's tiring on our arms but she sure loves to do it!
The past month or two she has become obessed with her playmat and each day she gets older, I notice how more and more involved with it she is. We really souped it up for her and hung as many toys on it as we could and she just goes nuts over it. She used to just bat at them with her hands but now she can swing at them, grasp them, pull on them, hit them over and over so they swing, AND kick them with her feet which is her latest trick.
I mentioned last month that she doesn't like to lay back anymore and I can say were officially out of the "baby laying back" stage. The only time she wants to lay on her back is if shes playing on her floor mat, looking at her toys in her crib, or sleeping. She is not content laying in anyone's arms anymore...ever!
sitting up
her playmat
getting her diaper changed
Bella and Dezi, especially when Bella is barking or playing
all of her toys..the noisier the better!
Sophie the Giraffe
reading books
sitting in her high chair seat while mommy does dishes or eats and watching EVERYTHING she does
laying back
getting passed around from person-to-person
when anyone coughs or sneezes

She is still sporting all her 0-3 month clothes but has transitioned into a few 3-6 month sleepers due to her length! I don't see her moving up sizes for quite awhile...we tried a few 3-6 on her this week and she was swimming! Also, she's 100% into size 2 diapers now.

Ryan and I finally came to a conclusion on what we would do about feeding Miss Milania. We are going to wait until she is 6 months to do anything, and at that point we will forego the purees and jarred food and attempt Baby Led Weaning. More to come :)

I am happy to report that her fussiness has started to subside. She is still Miss High Maintenance and will cry at the drop of a dime ...if she's tired, hungry, bored, over stimulated, needs a diaper change, etc. BUT she is not full on screaming like she was so I'll take it!
Her sleep is nonexistent still. She is still up at least 10x a night and mommy is still EXHAUSTED but at least she's not screaming, right?! We'll get there...I hope.
Besides all that, we still think she is just the best thing to ever happen to us. She brings us more smiles and laughter every day than I ever thought possible.
So that's what's going on around are some pictures from the last month. Enjoy!

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Kelsey Homolka said...

she makes the best faces!! i cannot get over how animated she is all the time!! glad to see everythings great and hopefully she'll figure out the sleep thing so mommy can get a little rest too! :)