Monday, January 20, 2014

the mommy of a 3 month old!

So here we are at THREE months already...I have had this little beauty in my life for a quarter of year already! It's crazy to think about how much our lives have changed over the last few months, and how much SHE has changed over the last few months. I think this month, I am finally looking at her as a "baby" instead of a "newborn". She is no longer "creature-like" and can interact with us and shows her personality more and more every day. I could go on and on, but I won't :) I just think she's the bees knees!

  • She is MUCH better at holding her head up and now and I rarely have to worry about it at this point. It gets stronger each day.
  • Last month I mentioned that she had just started coo-ing. Well, it really took off from there. She is a Chatty Cathy and always has something to say! Sometimes I think she even surprises herself with just how loud she can get talking. The weird thing is, I notice that she talks more when she's strange. What I wouldn't give to know what she is saying...
  • Right around Christmas time she got the best present...she found her hands. She has them in her mouth ever since..just sucking away and making them a slobbery mess. She hasn't really found her thumb yet though, which I am thankful for. But I'm glad her hands keep her occupied :)
  • She has also started to want to sit up now and no longer wants to lay back like a baby unless she's being fed or rocked to sleep. Every morning after feeding her I would come out on the couch and lay her beside me as I pumped and chat with her. That routine no longer works..she wants to SIT beside me which ends in me having to keep a death grip on her to make sure she doesn't fall forward--she's really starting to lean forward a lot lately.
  • I know they say babies recognize their mom and their dads right away, but this month especially, I can really tell who she recognizes and who she doesn't. No matter where we are, when her dad walks through the door and gets in her line of vision she is straight cheesin' at him! It is just so sweet to see her take a preference to us.
  • Along with recognizing people...she also remembers Bella every time she sees her. If Bella is anywhere near her, you might as well not even try to get her attention. Her eyes are locked on that dog! Dezi is so lazy and rarely does much of anything that I don't even think Milania knows we actually 2 dogs :)
  • She's really taken a liking to television this month too. No, we don't let her watch tv, but yes it is often on and her eyes are glued to it. Ryan swears she likes football but I think that's just his excuse for it consuming our television.
  • Her favorite trick? Blowing spit bubbles..constantly. How cute, right?! haha not. But she sure thinks it's fun!
The latest and best yet??
  • Monday evening (2 days shy of 3 months old) when Ryan got home from work I had her down on the ground doing tummy time on her boppy. She was chatting up a storm while watching Bella be obnoxious (like always) and I just happened to be recording her. Then, out of nowhere, she started LAUGHING! I kept the camera on her and Ryan and I just looked at each other and were grinning ear to ear. It was the best sound! You can tell she's not great at it yet, but she's trying! She laughed at Ryan again the following day while he was wrestling around a receipt, and then last night at me when I undid the Velcro on her swaddle. All things you wouldn't think are funny, sure do get her going :) I just LOVE seeing her change and develop every single day.
  • We've been battling Thrush for a couple weeks now and just had to get her prescription filled again. I'm ready for that nasty stuff to go away! We've been sanitizing nipples and paci's after every use...any other suggestions mamas?
  • I'm not sure if her fussiness has gotten better or Ryan and I have gotten better at calming her down (maybe a mixture of the two) but I do feel like it's been better this week so far. Maybe we're on the right track to "outgrowing" it? I'm not sure, or maybe I've become immune to it. :s
  • We're still....working...on her sleep. I had posted on Facebook that I needed tips for getting her into her crib. I took several people's advice on there and kinda combined it all and I'm happy to report that we started it on Thursday night and have successfully gotten her into her crib for most of the night! Anwyhere between 3-4 though she wakes up completely and wants nothing to do with it at that point so she ends up back in our bed, but I feel like we've made progress. I'm not kidding, a week ago I couldn't lay her in it for 5 matter how deep of a sleep she was in! So baby steps are better than no steps, right?
  • On that same note..she still is not a great sleeper. I put last month that I had gotten a few 4 hour stretches out of her...well, those haven't happened since. She is waking up every hour to two hours right now. Ay ay ay. I have tried getting her to bed earlier, later, cutting out a nap, adding a nap, making sure she is full, etc. None seem to be working, but like the fussiness, I am hoping she outgrows this also :) Sleep deprivation is no joke!! I've been logging her sleep to show the are a couple of our nights last week:
(and these weren't the bad nights, the bad nights I quit logging times because it's pointless!)

Lastly, she's still in all 0-3 month clothing and wearing Size 1 diapers, but we will be going to size 2 next week!

Overall, she is just changing so much every single day. I know people say it flies by, but I had no idea until she arrived and it actually started happening. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital, now we have a baby who laughs and would rather sit up than lay back like a baby! It is truly amazing to see her little brain develop so quickly and absorb so much.
I could go on and on about her but I won't. I'll just leave it at...we love her more than we ever thought possible!

FaceTiming with Papa

Her hair is growing in!

Still needs to grow a bit :)

 Happy 3 months, cupcake!

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Kelsey Homolka said...

she is such a little angel!! i seriously love how everything is all pink with her too! i seriously want a kiddo after seeing all these updates and all of the gorgeous pink goodies you put on her!