Tuesday, January 7, 2014

...feeling festive. {Christmas Edition}

This Christmas was MUCH more special as I received the best present in the world this year....this little sweetie.

Christmas Eve
Baby's first Christmas Eve was spent at home during the day with mommy as Ryan worked part of the day--yes, my husband is a workaholic. We cleaned the house and started a 21lb ham all while Ryan was working! We had family coming over that evening and needed to get everything ready :)

This may or may not have been her "helping" me
Once daddy got home, we really got to work getting everything cleaned and setup.
That evening, my family came over for our annual Christmas Eve get-together. This included Abigal and her family, Vinny, and our parents. Compared to last year..we had not just Miss Milania as a new addition, but also Sam..we certainly had a blessed year as a family!
He is 9 days younger than her and almost 5lbs bigger!
We had dinner, chatted, and opened gifts. We didn't get a chance to play games this year as we have the two little ones, one who is VERY demanding (ahem, Milania) but it was still fun nonetheless. Sol has changed so much the last couple years and being 2 now, he kind of understands Christmas and that's cute to me..he LOVES opening gifts and the minute my mom walked in the door he sprinted over to her and tried opening the gifts in her hands haha. What a turd!
After we cleaned up, everyone left and it was just Ryan, Milania, and myself. We got the princess ready for bed and for Santa, and then Ryan read her "It was the Night Before Christmas" before we all dozed off. It was our first Christmas Eve as a family of three and it was perfect..everything I pictured it to be.
Christmas Morning
The following morning us three hung around the house before we had to get ready for our next Christmas..this time it was at Ryan's mom's. We dressed Miss Milania in her new dress from Papa and Grandma Tammy and were on our way. Grandma and Grandpa C were there, along with Curt. We had a wonderful lunch made for us and between all Milania's screams, I think we each got full :) She was pretty feisty. We stayed about an hour and then were off to the next one.

On our way home we stopped by Pat & Teresa's and watched everyone play Christmas Bingo while Milania Mae got passed around. We were all three tired though and needed to get home and get some naps in before that evening.
Later that evening we headed to Bob and Tammy's. It was us, them, Zach, Ab, and Jake. We all snacked on food and exchanged gifts. Curt couldn't make it because of work but we got to enjoy everyone elses's company for awhile while Tammy got Milania to sleep for us. We even facetime'd Brody and Zoe so we could watch them open their gifts and vice versa. It ws the perfect end to the day.
We made our way home that night and all of us were exhausted. Miss Milania's first Christmas was perfect, but it sure was exhausting!

Milania got some pretty special gifts this year. A few of the things were:
Toys, lots and lots of toys! (stuffed animals, Leap Frog things, a few walking aid toys, etc)
A jumperoo from my parents which we are VERY excited about
Lots of clothes
Money for her bank account

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Kelsey Homolka said...

CUTE! I want to snuggle that little love bug so bad, one of these days I'm coming to see you, and I'm hugging that baby of yours! She's such a little gem :)