Sunday, December 22, 2013

...the mommy of a 2 month old!

My, my, my..where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday we were walking into the hospital with clammy hands, nervous about the day ahead, yet so anxious to meet our baby girl. Now, she's 2 months and old and changing so much each day I can barely keep up!

So what has the little miss been up to this past month?

Holds her head up for longer periods at a time unassisted
Will bear weight on her legs
Follows sounds/toys/people with her eyes and head
Smiles to the point of ALMOST laughing
Has started to coo...just today she was cooing more than she has any other day so she's definitely getting good at it.
Recognizes Ryan and I's faces

We're still working on this :) Some nights she will give me a 4 hour stretch early on in the night then she is up every hour or two from there on out but other nights she is up every hour or two throughout the entire night, so we definitely don't have anything that resembles a "sleep pattern" yet. The good news is that she DOES know the difference between day and night--when she does wake up in the night its usually to eat or just to be soothed back to sleep, she never really wakes up and is alert and ready to party thank goodness.

Ay, ay, ay :( She's having a hard time still. I finally caved and took her to the Dr. a couple of weeks ago just to make sure that all this screaming was "normal" and there wasn't an underlying issue. Her ped seemed to think it was normal and suggested she might have acid reflux. She prescribed her some Prevacid and I was supposed to be giving that to her 2 times a day. Well I did it for almost 2 weeks and never noticed a difference, so instead of continuting to pump her little body full of medicine that doesn't seem to be working I quit giving it to her this week. We go back to the Dr. on Friday and I will see what she thinks then. I'm praying to God that she outgrows it VERY soon, as it's miserable for all of us :( We literally don't take her anywhere at this point (except to our parents who know what she's like anyway) because it is more stressful on all of us and our time is spent trying to calm her instead of enjoying wherever we are. I wouldn't mind going to church or even Target with her soon though so I'm hoping it will go away just to give us a little bit more normalcy back in our lives. Poor gal.

She is still in size 1 diapers and is now wearing all 0-3 month clothing. Some sleepers are still a little too big but she is far too long and chunky for newborn so we're making do until she fills them out a little more! I'm curious to see what she weighs at her appt Friday but I'm thinking around 11-12lbs. Of course that's just a guess!

Miss Milania enjoys cuddling, silly noises, and mobiles. She really enjoys the mobile hanging on her swing and will just smile away when we put her in there. Ryan always says to her "lets see what your monkeys are up to today" and puts her in there and she just goes into a zone staring up at them. She likes them so much that we asked for a mobile for her crib from Bob and Tammy for Christmas. We mentioned it on a Sunday night and by Tuesday night she had a mobile hanging in her crib..she is certainly loved. So she has been enjoying that mobile during the day too (lord knows we can't get her into her crib for sleep quite yet). She also loves her baths and getting her diaper changed--sometimes they're the only things that will calm her down!

Ryan and I
We went on our first date this past week! We went to see a movie (Catching Fire) and then grabbed some food, and ran an errand before heading home. Bob and Tammy watched her for us and though I knew she was in good hands, I was still a nervous wreck and kept checking my phone and the time to see how much longer until we could get back home. I have left her a few times before but this was definitely the longest stretch to date and it was hard on this mama! The following Sunday, Curt, Ryan, and myself also went Christmas shopping which ended up being about the same amount of time, and went about the same checking my phone and hurrying everyone so we could get home. Surely it will get easier to leave her, right?!

In general...
I think we are all adjusting to our new life very well. The screaming has been a little hard on all of us this past month but we are hoping to get through that soon. And besides that, she is the sweetest little thing. She LOVES nothing more than to lay on her side right up against my chest in bed or on the couch. She certainly thinks her umbilical cord is still connected ;) She melts our hearts over and over again every day with her huge smiles and coo's and we're looking forward to another healthy/happy month ahead!

Here are some pictures of the little miss from the past month...enjoy!

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