Sunday, December 8, 2013

...making memories. {Thanksgiving edition}

Have no fear, we survived our first real holiday as a family of 3!! :)

Thanksgiving day was spent with family, food, and football; just like it should be.
We spent the first part of the day at home trying to sleep in, enjoying Ryan's day off. Then, once we were all three up and ready, which is a task in and of itself, we headed to Grandma Pudge's.We had missed the majority of the crowd as dinner was at noon and we didn't arrive until almost 3, but between us...I didn't care :). I'm one of those crazy moms who doesn't want people holding/breathing on my child and her being passed around between every Tom, Dick, and Harry anyway so it kind of worked out. But seriously, she hasn't had any shots yet or anything..she's still a fragile little thing and I'm still nervous.

So we ate dinner and chatted with who was was very peaceful and I enjoyed that. I did, however, feel bad at one point when Grandma told me some people were sticking around waiting on us and wanted to see the baby :(.
After eating and visiting for a couple hours we headed to Bob and Tammy's. We spent that evening with Bob and Tammy as well as Curt, Sarah, Travis, Brody, and Zoe. Yes, believe it or not, EVERYONE was there.

It was so nice to have everyone together and I loved seeing the kids. I know Miss Milania will love seeing her cousins the older she gets too so it's nice to start making memories now.

We ate dinner and the boys watched football while the rest of us chatted for awhile. Brody and Zoe fought over toys while Sarah drooled over Milania--actually, Milania drooled all over Sarah :). But before too long, Milania decided she was over Thanksgiving and football and the screaming ensued and there was no consoling her. We tried EVERYTHING (more on that later) but it wasn't working. We finally gave in and decided to call it a day. We had been gone all day and the little miss wanted to be home and in bed! So that's exactly what we did...came home, got everyone ready for bed, and passed out!  
It was a great holiday with yummy food, but most importantly, our first as a family of three. I can't wait to spend every Thanksgiving for the rest of my life with this little stinker.
I hope you all had wonderful holidays as well, filled with family, food, and football!

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