Friday, November 15, 2013

gettting the hang of this. {Milania's 1 month update}

My sweet little cupcake is 1 month old already....

I might be biased but I think she is just the cutest thing!

My, my, my how this past month has absolutely flown by. Her dad and I went from having no idea what to do with a newborn to....having no idea what to do with a newborn :)

Just kidding. Over the past month we have all adapted to having her home and Ryan and I have certainly gotten more comfortable taking care of her. At first I was even scared to dress her, now we get it done in .5 seconds flat. And when she chokes while eating? It still scares me but doesn't give me the heart attack it used to! All these things are new to me/us but we are certainly learning!

So here's a few updates on the little miss...
At her Well Baby Check on Monday she clocked in at 9lbs 6oz putting her in the 75% for height and weight, and 50% for head circumference. The pediatrician said she looked good and healthy. I did have her check out her little birthmark on her shoulder and she told me it should grow with her for about a year and then start to subside...I've heard this before so I'm not banking on it but it IS just on her shoulder so it's not a huge deal either way. Also, she does have a little bit of cradle cap which I was pretty sure of anyway so that stinks. She said it will probably get worse over the next 4-5 months but then will go away on it's own. Poor gal, she's looking a little bit scaley up there! So all in all, the appointment went well and she's healthy :)
This sweet little one is outgrowing some of her newborn clothes. I think I've put away about 5 sleepers and one outfit now that no longer fit :( Some are just too short while others are just too small all around. The first day I noticed it it made me sad but I suppose I'll have to get used to it! :) So right now she's wearing some of the smaller 0-3 month clothes and some newborns still. I am excited for her to wear some of the cute outfits coming up :)
Along with clothing, she is kind of in between on diaper sizes too. the 1's are too big but her newborn size seems to be leaking more than they should. So we're just going to use the rest of the newborn ones we have and then put her in the 1's.
I am happy to say...Miss Milania is a breast feeder!! It was a struggle (and still is) but by golly, she's doing it and dare I say even PREFERS it?! If you've ever watched Shark Week on Nat Geo you've seen Milania eat. She seriously attacks my boob and then once the milk starts flowing she starts shaking her head like a shark eating a seal; it's a real treat. So it's fair to say we've gone full circle in the breastfeeding area. Persistence pays off.  I'm still not sure how long I will do it for (my original goal was 6 months) but we'll play it by ear!
The first few weeks we barely heard a peep out of this little mite and now all the sudden the last couple weeks have been a different story. I've taken caffeine out of my diet completely and after talking with my Dr yesterday, I think I am also going to try taking out dairy products for a few weeks and see if that helps. Perhaps she's just crying like a normal baby does and I'm not used to it but I don't think seems pretty extreme. I hope we can figure out what is making her so upset SOON.
What's that?! Ha! I got a 3 hour 15 minute stretch out of her one night and wanted to break out the champagne! Honestly, I think I'd get more rest sleeping in a stairwell in the Bronx projects than I do at home.

Something new in the last couple weeks is this sweet little miss has lost ALL of the hair on top of her head--only the top crown part, leaving her quite the hair do! It's so funny to look at it but I'm almost used to it now :)
Like I mentioned a couple weeks ago, she started to follow things with her eyes. It started with a toy that was brightly colored and had a mirror on it, and now she will follow almost anything. It's so crazy to see how much they change in just a matter of weeks!!

Along with that, she also makes "meaningful" eye contact. When she is nursing or being fed she will just gaze into our eyes the entire time. Yes, it melts my heart.
The best development??
SHE SMILES!!! This is very new, as in she's probably only been doing it a week but it is the cutest thing ever. So far she has smiled at me several times, Ryan a couple times, and my mom once. Today she was smiling so much when I was talking to her that it made me tear's just so so sweet.

You may have seen these on fbook...she wore her first pair of leg warmers :)
And a few others...
  • tummy time
  • getting a bath--so much so that I think I am going to start giving them to her every other day now.
  • being held
  • Nursing while in bed
  • the mobile on her swing
  • laying on her playmat and looking at the toys
  • being swaddled
  • her crib
  • not really a fan of pacifiers (we've tried EVERY kind)
She had an "accident" one night that came out of her diaper and all up her onesie and sleeper. Ryan was the one awake with her and discovered what a mess it was. Instead of getting the clothes off of her and washing them..he got scissors and CUT it off of her. When I was laughing at his reasoning he said "I wasn't pissin around with it Aud". It still makes me laugh to think about.

So that's our life this past month. On one hand I cannot wait to see how she changes/grows over the next month, yet on the other I wish time would slow down a little bit. I feel so lucky and so blessed to have her that I just want to take it all in and cherish it all--even the fussy nights.

Lastly...for my lovely Facebook friends, I won't continue to flood your newsfeed with new blog posts anymore so if you'd like to follow along, feel free just to check it out periodically and see if I've put up anything new--a post a couple times a week is my goal.

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Miss B. Leigh said...

I looooove her sweet cheeks and those legwarmers!!! She is a doll. And dying over Ryan CUTTING her clothes off!!! Ryan... Don't ever try that with Audrie's clothes!!! I think I would murder John if he did that!!! :) Oh, to be in the mind of a man.

Love, Britt