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gettting the hang of this. {Milania's 1 month update}

My sweet little cupcake is 1 month old already....

I might be biased but I think she is just the cutest thing!

My, my, my how this past month has absolutely flown by. Her dad and I went from having no idea what to do with a newborn to....having no idea what to do with a newborn :)

Just kidding. Over the past month we have all adapted to having her home and Ryan and I have certainly gotten more comfortable taking care of her. At first I was even scared to dress her, now we get it done in .5 seconds flat. And when she chokes while eating? It still scares me but doesn't give me the heart attack it used to! All these things are new to me/us but we are certainly learning!

So here's a few updates on the little miss...
At her Well Baby Check on Monday she clocked in at 9lbs 6oz putting her in the 75% for height and weight, and 50% for head circumference. The pediatrician said she looked good and healthy. I did have her check out her little birthmark on her shoulder and she told me it should grow with her for about a year and then start to subside...I've heard this before so I'm not banking on it but it IS just on her shoulder so it's not a huge deal either way. Also, she does have a little bit of cradle cap which I was pretty sure of anyway so that stinks. She said it will probably get worse over the next 4-5 months but then will go away on it's own. Poor gal, she's looking a little bit scaley up there! So all in all, the appointment went well and she's healthy :)
This sweet little one is outgrowing some of her newborn clothes. I think I've put away about 5 sleepers and one outfit now that no longer fit :( Some are just too short while others are just too small all around. The first day I noticed it it made me sad but I suppose I'll have to get used to it! :) So right now she's wearing some of the smaller 0-3 month clothes and some newborns still. I am excited for her to wear some of the cute outfits coming up :)
Along with clothing, she is kind of in between on diaper sizes too. the 1's are too big but her newborn size seems to be leaking more than they should. So we're just going to use the rest of the newborn ones we have and then put her in the 1's.
I am happy to say...Miss Milania is a breast feeder!! It was a struggle (and still is) but by golly, she's doing it and dare I say even PREFERS it?! If you've ever watched Shark Week on Nat Geo you've seen Milania eat. She seriously attacks my boob and then once the milk starts flowing she starts shaking her head like a shark eating a seal; it's a real treat. So it's fair to say we've gone full circle in the breastfeeding area. Persistence pays off.  I'm still not sure how long I will do it for (my original goal was 6 months) but we'll play it by ear!
The first few weeks we barely heard a peep out of this little mite and now all the sudden the last couple weeks have been a different story. I've taken caffeine out of my diet completely and after talking with my Dr yesterday, I think I am also going to try taking out dairy products for a few weeks and see if that helps. Perhaps she's just crying like a normal baby does and I'm not used to it but I don't think seems pretty extreme. I hope we can figure out what is making her so upset SOON.
What's that?! Ha! I got a 3 hour 15 minute stretch out of her one night and wanted to break out the champagne! Honestly, I think I'd get more rest sleeping in a stairwell in the Bronx projects than I do at home.

Something new in the last couple weeks is this sweet little miss has lost ALL of the hair on top of her head--only the top crown part, leaving her quite the hair do! It's so funny to look at it but I'm almost used to it now :)
Like I mentioned a couple weeks ago, she started to follow things with her eyes. It started with a toy that was brightly colored and had a mirror on it, and now she will follow almost anything. It's so crazy to see how much they change in just a matter of weeks!!

Along with that, she also makes "meaningful" eye contact. When she is nursing or being fed she will just gaze into our eyes the entire time. Yes, it melts my heart.
The best development??
SHE SMILES!!! This is very new, as in she's probably only been doing it a week but it is the cutest thing ever. So far she has smiled at me several times, Ryan a couple times, and my mom once. Today she was smiling so much when I was talking to her that it made me tear's just so so sweet.

You may have seen these on fbook...she wore her first pair of leg warmers :)
And a few others...
  • tummy time
  • getting a bath--so much so that I think I am going to start giving them to her every other day now.
  • being held
  • Nursing while in bed
  • the mobile on her swing
  • laying on her playmat and looking at the toys
  • being swaddled
  • her crib
  • not really a fan of pacifiers (we've tried EVERY kind)
She had an "accident" one night that came out of her diaper and all up her onesie and sleeper. Ryan was the one awake with her and discovered what a mess it was. Instead of getting the clothes off of her and washing them..he got scissors and CUT it off of her. When I was laughing at his reasoning he said "I wasn't pissin around with it Aud". It still makes me laugh to think about.

So that's our life this past month. On one hand I cannot wait to see how she changes/grows over the next month, yet on the other I wish time would slow down a little bit. I feel so lucky and so blessed to have her that I just want to take it all in and cherish it all--even the fussy nights.

Lastly...for my lovely Facebook friends, I won't continue to flood your newsfeed with new blog posts anymore so if you'd like to follow along, feel free just to check it out periodically and see if I've put up anything new--a post a couple times a week is my goal.

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...sharing Milania's birth story.

Backstory: Wednesday, October 9th was my last weekly appointment with my Dr. We had known if she wasn't here by 39 weeks (that following Sunday) it was suggested I be induced, yet at that point, I was still hopeful she would make her own way into this world not needing an induction/Pitocin. In an effort to get her moving on her own my Dr. decided to strip my membranes and sent me home that afternoon, hoping to see me again before Monday--the day I would go in to start the induction. A couple days went by and nothing had happened, so as the weekend approached, I KNEW this was our last weekend as a family of 2, and in my heart I knew Monday would be the day I would meet our little girl. On the night of Sunday, October 13th, Ryan and I went to bed knowing that the following day would be one of the best days of our entire lives.

Though we had our alarms set for 4am Monday morning (we needed to leave the house by 5:15am), Ryan and I both awoke long before our the alarms sounded, despite only getting a couple hours of sleep on his part--about 20 minutes on my part. Today was the day.

It was still dark out and the dogs had yet to make a peep as Ryan and I both laid in bed for a minute and tried to take in the fact that we were about to have a child. How surreal that feeling was. As we laid there talking, saying how much sleep we hadn't gotten, we both began to laugh as we realized that may have been our last chance at sleep for quite awhile. With more excitement and nerves running through my body with every minute that passed, we both agreed we better get up and get ready for the day.

We both showered, I did my hair and makeup, Ryan did his thing, and we loaded up the car with everything we had sat by the door the night previous. I took one last look in our hallway mirror as we were leaving the house and realized that was the last time I would see myself pregnant with Milania--I was happy that the weight would be leaving but sad that I would no longer feel those little kicks that kept me company for the last several months.

Ryan and I hopped in the car and off we takes about 40 minutes to get to the hospital from our house but it was the quickest 40 minutes of my life. Before I could blink, we were walking into the Emergency Entrance at the hospital, hand-in-hand, looking for a receptionist to check us in.

The hospital seemed so dark and quiet at such an early one was to be found anywhere until one lady popped around a hallway corner and said she would find someone to check us in. So there I was, signing papers on top of papers, getting checked into the hospital.

After signing in we were given a couple sheets of paper to take with us and directed down the hallway to the labor and delivery unit where we would check in and be taken to our room. As we walked down the hall my stomach twisted into about 300 tiny knots..I was so nervous.

We made it through the double doors and after speaking with the nurses, were taken to our room which happened to be the one we were shown during our tour a few weeks ago.

Laying on the bed was my gown I was to change into and the IV machine I would be hooked up to. Beside the bed and IV's were the monitors that monitor baby's heartbeat, my blood pressure, and my contractions. As soon as the nurse left and I got changed into my gown, she immediately came back in and hooked me up to the monitors before inserting the pump/port (?) into my arm--no IV's at this point.

We started monitoring my contractions and everyone was surprised..I was actually contracting..a lot. My contractions were just 4 minutes apart and fairly strong..the best part? I had no idea I was contracting.

My doctor came in shortly after, sometime around 6:30-7 and was also surprised by my contractions. He checked my cervix and then told the nurses to hold on a little bit on the Pitocin to see if my body did anything on it's own.

Fast forward an hour--nothing had progressed. My doctor came back in before he started his day and told the nurses to start the IV's and Pitocin--he only wanted it augmented though which basically put me at a regular level, not an induction level. They hooked them up to the port already in my wrist and so it began. As the Pitocin was being pumped into me, the nurse began with all her paperwork she had to do. She asked 1 million questions, and had Ryan and I sign 1 million more papers. It was nice to keep me occupied though, otherwise I may have still been a nervous wreck at this point.

During all of this, my mom and Tammy also showed up.

The next several hours (through the morning and early afternoon) nothing much really happened. I was still contracting and they were getting stronger and I was definitely able to feel them more (they were 2 minutes apart), but they weren't unbearable by any means and my cervix wasn't dilating anymore--I was still at a 3. We spent this time chatting with my nurse, mom, and Tammy, and also walking around the hospital and bouncing on the birthing ball trying to get the little missy moving! Since her heart rate seemed to be stable, I was able to be unhooked from the monitors quite a bit which was nice as I didn't feel bed ridden as I had expected.

Shortly before my doctor came back in that afternoon, I was given a small dose of Fentanyl to help ease the pain a little bit and see if I could sleep. I had never gotten this before and I assure you, I will NOT get it again. It was the strangest thing--the tv on the wall ahead of me looked like it was rocking on a ship, I kid you not. Though I hated the feeling it gave me (and she only gave me 1/4th of the dose!) it did help me take a little catnap shortly before seeing my Dr. again around 5.

After he checked me again and I hadn't progressed much (I was now at a 4 and 100% effaced), he decided it was time to break my water--easy peasy! I was quite nervous about him doing this but as it turned out, it was quick and painless.

Within the next 10 minutes, things really started to get more painful and the pressure felt MUCH more intense; that "quick and painless" water break certainly took a sharp turn! I finally felt like I was actually in labor. The bouncing ball and walking the halls were no more...all I wanted to do was lay in bed and wish away each contraction. The party had really started and there was no turning back now.

Over the next two hours, I tried my hardest to keep breathing through contractions and avoid an epidural. I wasn't totally against having one and even thought I would probably get one eventually, but I wanted to wait it out as long as I could as I knew it was known to slow labor down and that was the LAST thing I wanted.

Ryan sat beside my bed stroking my hair and holding my hand as I laid there breathing in and out, in and out, as long as I could. My body was shaking uncontrollably at this point as well. My nurse kept asking if I wanted any more pain medication and I refused, and she offered an epidural several times, but again I refused. Then finally it hit me, I looked over at Ryan and tears just started streaming down my face...I was in pain and really thought I should probably get one at this point. My nurse then said if I trusted my husband, to let him decide what I should do--without even hesitating he said he thought I needed the epidural.

Within the next 30 minutes I was back laying down in my bed with an epidural working--thank you Jesus! I text my cousins at this point and told them I wasn't sure why I was trying to be a tough guy for so long..the epidural made everything seem so much more enjoyable and I was so thankful I had gotten it. I even told the anesthesiologist I was trying to tough it out and he said something I'll probably never forget...he said "no one gets a gold star for not getting an epidural, you all get the baby in the end".

The rest of the night seemed to progress pretty quickly. My dilation went from a 4 to an 8 in about 2 hours and at about 10pm when the nurse realized I was at an 8 she decided to call my Dr. At this point I could tell the pain/pressure kept getting much much more intense, but I started asking not to be checked yet because I could barely catch my breath in between contractions and the last thing I wanted was to be checked again. I would tell my nurse where it was hurting and she told me she thought I was probably at a 10 but it was hard to assume. Finally I let her check me around 10:30-11 and she lit up and said "oh yeah you're definitely ready!" She asked me if I was ready to push. All the sudden I got a nervous feeling and started tearing up again saying no. Yes, I was definitely terrified of what was about to happen, but I honestly didn't feel ready to push at that point either. I think part of her knew I was scared and the other part believed me I didn't have the urge to push and she told me I could labor down for awhile.

My nurse rolled in the baby warmer as I labored down

And there it was..just waiting for a baby...

A little before 12 my Dr. came in to check on me and began to get ready--I was about to have a baby! As he got on all his clothing and they prepared my bed for delivery (they kind of break away the bottom half and raise it), I laid there shaking uncontrollably and also throwing up. And though it might not sound pleasant, I was over the moon excited to finally meet this little baby inside me and didn't care what was happening to my body other than I was finally ready to push.

Ryan stood to my left, my nurse to the right, and my doctor in front of me. Before we got started he looked right at me and explained exactly what I needed to do..he said when I felt a contraction coming, I needed to inhale a huge breath, hold it through 10 as I pushed, release it, and inhale right away  and push for another 10 seconds then release again, as many times as the contractions lasted. I thought I got it and said "ok."

So we sat there....


I even asked my Dr. if it was possible my contractions had stopped (the answer was no)...

finally a contraction came.

I didn't inhale, I didn't exhale, and I certainly didn't count to 10..basically I did nothing he had said. My doctor and I both kind of started laughing as he said "lets try this again" and explained it all one more time. I apologized for not knowing what the heck I was doing and assured him I would have it right next time ;)

We waited a few more minutes on the next contraction to come; this time I was ready. As Ryan held my left leg, my nurse the right, I pushed through my contraction and this time I got it right. After it left I breathed a sigh of relief...relief as in a) it wasn't as bad as I had pictured and b) I could actually do this!

The next 45 minutes was the same thing, over and over again. I would have several minutes in between each contraction (they weren't at regular intervals what-so-ever) and during those breaks I would feel totally normal and could carry on a "normal" conversation. Then a contraction would hit and I would do what I needed and "push through the pain" as my Dr. kept saying, then it was back to relaxing before the next one.

Then, the only semi-scary thing that happened all day happened. Miss Milania's heart beat slowly started dropping. I could no longer see the monitors as they were facing my doctor as this point but I could tell by the sounds that it was dropping and I could tell by the look on his face and where his eyes were glancing that he had also noticed it and was concerned. He instantly told my nurse to get my oxygen. I'm not even sure where it came from but she had an oxygen mask strapped on my face before I could even think. I asked if everything was ok and he assured me she was fine and that she was doing better with the oxygen on..which she was. Almost instantly her heart rate seemed to return to normal.

So we kept doing what we were doing..Ryan and the nurse holding my legs, counting to 10 as I pushed through each contraction. I remember looking over at my mom for reassurance that I was doing ok and that I was actually making progress. I kept asking "can you see her?!" and towards the end she would smile and say "a little bit". I also kept telling Ryan and my Dr. "I swear, I'm trying as hard as I can, I'm really trying" because I felt like it was just taking SO long and maybe I wasn't doing something right. My Dr. was so sweet though and would laugh half of the time and the other half he would say I'm totally on schedule and not taking any longer than average so just to enjoy the moment.

A couple contractions later I could feel the pressure getting more intense and my Dr. assured me she was making her way down. Then, the nurse spoke into a mic on her shirt and said "Cindy, we're ready for you" (the nurse who takes care of the baby right away) and an overwhelming feeling came over my baby was almost here and everyone was ready for her arrival.

As I looked over at her warmer, filled with a diaper, cap, and blanket, I knew it would just be a matter of minutes before my whole life would change and that warmer would have MY baby in it. That Pamper would be on my baby's bottom, that hat would be on my baby's head, and that blanket would be wrapped around my baby's was such a surreal feeling.

Finally, as Ryan held my leg with one arm and my hand with another, I looked up at him and he said "Just one more push Aud!" and that was all I needed to hear...

The very next sound I heard wasn't my baby's cry, but it was the sound of the doctor suctioning stuff out of her throat (she came out sunny side up) and her gurgling trying to get out a cry...her head was out. I pushed as hard as I could to get her all the way out and within an instant she was laying on my stomach/chest just screaming away.

Tears streamed down my face as I reached down and held her hand and stroked her purple little arm. All I could tell her was how long I've waited to meet her and how much I loved her.

All those kicks that had kept me company for the last 10 months? It was her. All those blurry and distorted ultrasound images of the baby inside me? It was her. All those hiccups that had made me laugh for the last several months? It was her. The baby I had dreamed of and prayed for? It was her...

And she was absolutely perfect.

And as I looked up at Ryan and saw tears streaming down his face and his finger wrapped inside her little hand, I knew that not only did I have the best husband in the world, but Milania had the best dad she could ever ask for, and that to me, means more than anything.

I am blessed beyond words.

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{Milania is...} 3 weeks old!

Yes, it's true..this sweet little cupcake is 3 weeks old!!

I had to put up the pictures of her doing the puckered lips thing because she is ALWAYS doing this! She only does it when she's very awake and alert but I think it's the cutest thing and she does it so often; I'm not sure if there's a rhyme or reason why she does it but I just think it's adorable either way :)

Not much has changed around here in the last week so no real "updates" for you..just the pictures. Next week is her "one month" picture..yikes..where has the time gone?!