Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the mommy of a 2 week old.

This past week has been another week of learning to care for a newborn and adjusting to being a family of three. I had read SO much and asked SO many questions to prior to Milania's birth that I thought I really would have a pretty good handle on things once she came, but the truth is, nothing can really prepare you for what it will be like. We have certainly had our trials and errors already (like when I was changing her diaper and she wasn't done going potty yet, yikes!), but overall, I would say we are all three adjusting very well. I'm not as nervous caring for her as I was last week (neither is her daddy) and that seems to make everything seem much easier.

This past week...
Miss Milania had her 1 week checkup.
She weighed 7lbs, 4oz, and was 21 inches long; her head circumference and weight were both in the 34% and her height is in the 93%. She has surpassed her birth weight which means we don't have to go back to the doctor until her 2 month check up. Her doctor said "she is perfect" which of course made me one happy mama.
We also met with a lactation consultant for a couple hours.
She was so sweet and gave us a few pointers but basically said we were doing everything right, and just to keep doing what I'm doing. She still is not successfully feeding--she doesn't get herself full or empty me which makes my job a lot harder because that means I have to nurse her, bottle feed her, and pump. By the time I'm done with all three and change her diaper, we are back at it again. I keep holding out hope that she'll get the hang of it and keep getting better at it but we will see. I've set a goal of Christmas for myself so even if she doesn't get the hang of it, I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing until Christmas and then reevaluate. And if "reevaluating" means switching to formula, I am ok with that. I wasn't..at all..for the first week but as my husband always puts things into perspective for me..he said it best when he said "Aud, some people would amputate both legs to even have a baby they could feed formula to." Which really made a light come on. So we will see what happens.
We had newborn pictures taken!
I was sooo excited about these!!! I have been scoping out newborn pics for awhile just waiting for MY turn and finally it came. They were just taken yesterday so we only have a couple "sneak peeks" but I am more than pleased with them already! She is just a little doll in my eyes :) 
We also have ventured out of the house on several occasions.
We went to Target one day (starting her early ;) ) and church on Saturday. We also took her to Ryan's work to show her off one day. Yes, I had to feed her in the parking lot of Hy Vee and also the mall, but we made it. And during mass she was as quiet as a mouse!
Her umbilical cord fell off.
Kind of. I don't think it was actually ready to come off yet and when she had no clothes on, her little hands reached down and yanked on it. It came off but looked really nasty. It then crusted over, came off again, and crusted over again, and that's where we are at now. It's still got lots of dried blood on it and a scab so I'm just waiting for it to be off permanently!
And that's where we are at right now. Ryan went back to work this week so it's just been me and the little miss and I think we're doing ok! Enjoy the pictures! 

I tried her tutu on her the night before her pictures :)

at first she was ok with it...

Then I put the headband on haha. That didn't go over so well!

Her papa loves holding her..and look how long her arms are! All of her outfits are too big but her arms stick out!

Great Grandma Conner came to visit one afternoon

Waking up in the morning trying to decide what kind of trouble to get into

Mommy had her first drink since JANUARY!

She got a package in the mail from Joey and Heather and this was the first toy I have caught her "following" with her eyes and head

It's hard to take a decent picture of THREE people (before church Saturday)


Kayla said...

Audrie she is beautiful!!!! Enjoy every moment it goes by so so fast!!!

Kelsey Homolka said...

eeek! i love it! i love it all! i want a little to dress in pink oh so badly! glad to see the updates, keep them comin :)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet baby! Why didn't you just stay away from drinking altogether. It would be better for you.