Sunday, September 22, 2013

revealing Miss Milania's nursery!

With the little miss' arrival being literally any day now, we have finally completed her nursery.We are 100% done with it, minus flowers for a vase and a plaster handprint thing I obviously cannot make until she is here. I am just obsessed with the way it all came together and I wanted to share it with all of you!

Several months ago I did this post, where I showed you nursery inspiration pictures and my idea of the "perfect" nursery began to blossom. From there, I adapted it all to my own likings and what was available and came up with this...

It all came together better than I had ever envisioned and it blew all my inspiration pictures out of the water. I am in love with this room and this little girl and cannot wait to bring her home to it.

Now, I know this is a hot topic of debate, but Ryan and I decided against a crib bumper for the little miss. Basically I'm a psycho and research EVERYTHING, literally everything, and after much reading and checking into, we decided against one, strictly out of safety concerns. If you know me, you know I wanted one in there with the cute little pink bows to tie along the crib edges to make it look so girly and "perfect" but this sweet baby's safety is my number 1 priority and LOTS of research has shown they are just not safe. Plain and simple. Did you know the sale of crib bumpers is illegal in the city of Chicago and the entire state of Maryland?!  No stores in either place are even allowed to carry them. So that is why she does not have a crib bumper or any real "bedding".

Now it's just a waiting game...
  • Dresser & crib are part of the Legacy Kids Enchantment Collection from Buy Buy Baby
  • My grandpa made the changing table and we color matched the paint at Menard's. Fun fact: all of my cousins' children have the very same changing table too :)
  • Glider and Ottoman are Best Chairs brand, from
  • Gold stand is from, originally red but we spray painted it gold.
  • Gold dots on the wall are from the Etsy shop Urbanwalls
  • Mirrors above the changing table are from a Michael's in South Dakota. The original ribbon was changed out for the pink thanks to Debbie, who has been MORE than kind and helpful to us!
  • Door jammer was from an Etsy shop called Teeny Monster Designs (it works REALLY well and I'd def suggest getting one if you have a little mite!)
  • My grandpa also made the bow holder on the dresser and then Ryan spray painted it gold
  • Shelves above the glider are from Target
  • Prints were specially created by an Etsy shop, printed, and then frames were bought separately and spray painted gold.
  • Curtains were from Target a few years ago and Debbie made the bows for me to jazz them up a bit
  • Decoration above the crib is from Hobby Lobby several years ago, spray painted gold also
  • Lamp on the side table is also from Debbie...topped off with a little gold "M" :)
  • The dog randomly popping up in pictures is from a breeder 7 years ago. She's been causing me headaches ever since and is free to a good home ;)
Any other questions, feel free to ask :)

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Miss B. Leigh said...

It turned out SO cute, Audrie!!! I absolutely love it.