Monday, August 12, 2013

pregnancy updating. {30 weeks}

I cannot believe that this sweet little baby in my tummy will be in my arms in just 9 weeks and some days! Seriously, I cannot even wrap my head around it. The first 16ish weeks seemed to drag on and on and I thought I'd NEVER make it to 30 weeks, now I wonder where all the time has gone! I am just so excited to meet her; I think about her constantly.

Some exciting things as of late....

Baby Shower
My baby shower is less than 2 weeks away! I am seriously SO excited for this!! I have wonderful friends who have done EVERYTHING for it and literally made it the least stressful and most anticipated thing. They won't let me help with anything or tell me anything that's going on with it, all I have to do is "show up with a baby bump" were my instructions. I'm a lucky girl!! I'm so excited to see everyone who can attend -- it hasn't even happened yet and I already feel so blessed. So so excited!

Miss Milania's nursery is coming right along. Her daddy spent all of last weekend (literally his entire weekend) getting everything painted and designed exactly how I wanted it and we were able to finally move all the furniture into it, minus the crib which has not yet come in. It is, hands down, my favorite place in the entire house now. I walk in there several times a day just to look at everything and admire how perfectly it's come together so far. I will update more pictures when it is all finished and everything is on the walls, but here are the progression pictures for now...


**some of these were taken with my cell phone while others I took with my camera so the quality looks a lot different :)

Biweekly appointments
I think I mentioned this last time but my biweekly appointments have begun and oddly, I am so excited for each of them. I love hearing everything is going a-ok, and also in going every two weeks, it becomes more real that she will be here so soon!! My next one is next Wednesday, where I also have to take my 3 hour glucose test (I failed the 1 hour one by 2 points)..wish us both luck!!

Baby hiccups are the craziest feeling in the entire world! Until last week I wasn't even sure that I was having them but after talking to a friends mom and paying closer attention, I realized what that odd sensation actually was. I love when she gets them because it means she is practicing breathing, but it is such an odd feeling and I certainly hope she is not uncomfortable every time she gets them because it seems to be quite often.

Now, for the not-so-exciting things...

Braxton Hicks, Cramping, or Contractions?
Last week I woke up and had terrible cramping and/or contractions (?). I thought it would go away throughout the day and it didn't. I tried everything from eating, to not eating, to drinking different things, to just relaxing. I finally laid down early that evening to take a nap and woke up just feeling very "off". I eventually called my Dr. and told them what was going on and the nurse instructed me to drink as much water as I could (as in a few glasses) and then lay down on my left side for an hour. She said to time the cramps/contractions and if I have more than 4 in an hour I need to come in. Luckily, after doing exactly what she said, they seemed to kind of subside. I still had a couple but they weren't nearly as bad as before. I spent the rest of the evening laying around the house and drinking water and by the time I went to bed I felt much better and I haven't had anything that bad since..just minor ones here and there. I will definitely talk to my Dr. about it at my next appointment but for now, I think I am a-ok!

Pregnancy Insomnia
Lastly, this pregnancy insomnia is no joke! I am constantly exhausted throughout the day and feel like I could take 40000 naps, and then at night time I am awake every hour or two around the clock no matter how tired I feel! Just the other night I woke up at 4am and couldn't fall back asleep until 7:30. I literally thought about getting up and just starting my day at that point even though I had only been asleep about 4 hours total. It's just crazy and so sporadic how it comes and goes...perhaps it's God's way of preparing me for the crazy sleep of a newborn?!

So that's where we are with the little miss' progress. She is still growing like a weed and seems to be getting stronger and stronger by the day. She has no idea how excited her mom and dad are to meet her and just how much we love her already. I want her to stay in there a few more weeks and grow healthier but then I am ready for her anytime! I cannot wait to stay up feeding and rocking her, cuddling her, changing her, etc. I am so excited for all of it.

Aaaand just to add a little funny story to the post...

I have credited myself for not being this crazy, emotional, hormonal, pregnant person throughout this pregnancy I always thought I would be. I'm really not a crier so I didn't expect to be sitting around wiping tears from my face on the reg but I did expect to be more up and down than normal life, which I actually have not been....until last night. We had a very long day yesterday (we spent the day on the lake to celebrate Ryan's dad's birthday and then grilled out that evening and didn't get home until kind of late) and once we got home and were getting ready for bed, Ryan was trying to put some dishes in the dishwasher. He then said "Aud when you don't drink all your milk, can you dump it out please?" and for some reason that just made me have a total meltdown. I mean, I literally started crying and could not stop. Judging by how upset I was, you would have thought he asked for a divorce or something. Of course he hugged me and was smiling and trying no to laugh but it was all I could do to stop crying. He got me some toilet paper and said "let's go to bed" and that was that. I wiped my tears, curled up, and was passed out in about 2 minutes. So apparently I AM that crazy pregnant lady...or was last night anyway.