Tuesday, July 30, 2013

wedding recapping from earlier this month.

I've clearly fallen behind on this little blog of mine; I'm just now recapping a weekend from the beginning of July! That just goes to show though that life has been busy and I LOVE IT...no complaints here.

The first weekend of this month Ryan and I traveled to Minnesota for one of his best friend's wedding. Being preggo and travelling definitely took it's toll on me, but we made it there in one piece.

The first night there we had to pick up Ryan's tux, head to our hotel, and get ready for rehearsal. I was exhausted so I decided to skip the actual rehearsal myself and sent Ryan with some friends. I met them all back at the hotel for rehearsal dinner after I had rested awhile. The food was AMAZING and after a long day it seemed extra good.

Some baby geese at a pond by our hotel

Our cute little gift bags when we arrived at the hotel
After dinner everyone wanted to head to the bar. It was still early and I felt bad if I didn't go, so I tagged along. We ended up at Toby Keith's bar which was actually pretty neat. I hadn't been one before and I kept joking saying I couldn't wait for Toby to come out and perform. Unfortunately, he did not, but I enjoyed talking to everyone else and sipping on waters with lemon :). By night fall I was exhausted, my ankles were swollen (it was a solid 100+ degrees out all day!) and Ryan walked me back to the hotel. On the way back, we stopped and got me an oreo shake from DQ and once to the room, I propped my ankles up, drank my shake, and went to bed as Ryan headed back to the bar.

The next day Ryan got up super early to get ready and as I helped him out, I ordered breakfast in bed. I then laid around for the better part of the morning/afternoon before the wedding as I sent Ryan off (he had to be there early for pictures). The air conditioning wasn't working in the church at rehearsal the night before and everyone was saying how hot it was and they weren't sure it was going to be fixed by wedding time. Without knowing if it was or wasn't, I actually opted to skip the ceremony just in case. I know I probably sound like a huge baby complaining BUT not only is it my comfort but of more concern, I felt like being overheated probably isn't a great idea while 7 months pregnant, especially for just a ceremony when I would see everyone in just a bit for the cocktail hour and dinner/reception. So as everyone left for the ceremony periodically throughout the afternoon, I stayed at the hotel for a bit longer. I primped and got ready and met them all downstairs once Ryan text me they were on their way back.

Once cocktail hour started, we enjoyed the rest of our evening talking to old friends, watching the little kids dance, and having too much fun in the photobooth. It had everything you would expect at a reception...yummy cupcakes included :) We eventually called it a night later that evening and headed up to our room and passed out.

We left the hotel bright and early the following morning..I couldn't wait to get home to our sweet puppies and my own bed!

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