Tuesday, July 23, 2013

showing off Miss Milania's 3D/4D ultrasound pictures and video!

As I promised in my last blog post, I have uploaded the pictures and video of the little miss' latest ultrasound.
Also, I have finally announced her name (we wanted to be SURE she was a girl first!)
Milania Mae
(we will call her Mila for short)
If you're unsure how to pronounce it, the only way I can think of is...Mill-on-knee-ah
Mila will be pronounced My-lah.
On with the pictures...

This is kind of an awkward angle but she showed us her girl parts SEVERAL times. The lady said "she's 110% girl!"

And she has a little bit of hair!

Somebody was VERY stubborn and kept her feet and hands up by her face through almost the entire thing!

Practicing breathing...

This is kind of gross but she actually has her tongue out here...

Hands and feet everywhere!

Finally decided to turn around for a split second...

Here she actually has her eyes open! I thought it would totally freak me out if she opened her eyes and I was kind of hoping she didn't, but after it happened I wasn't freaked out at all like I thought I would be...it is weird to think she's "looking" around in there though.

She let off a little smile :)

Here is the video of our entire ultrasound...

I would skip ahead to 17 minutes and watch from then on if I were you. She is pretty stubborn at first and wasn't cooperating with us until then when she finally turned her little face so we could see her.

This ultrasound was hands down, the BEST thing about this pregnancy so far. It was so neat! I loved seeing her and felt like I could have laid there for hours watching her move around. She was awake the entire time even though she was being stubborn about her face being covered up and it was so cute to see just exactly what she was up to and to put a face to this little baby we talk so much about.
The tech told me she is weighing 2lbs 4 oz right now and if she stays on track and goes to 40 weeks gestation she should be right at 7lbs when she's born...perfect!
So there she is, a healthy and happy baby girl  :)
PS- if you read my last blog post you knew I was freaking out about her furniture not being here by the time she arrives...well, I have SOME good news. Her crib will still take around 10 weeks to arrive (hopefully) but her dresser, mirror, (both were in stock actually and the guy I talked to the first time didn't realize it) and changing table are all ready to be picked up! We are getting it all tomorrow! I am sooooo happy and relieved! I will give a nursery update next week hopefully!

Have a great week everyone!

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