Thursday, July 11, 2013

remembering ALL the details of Cassie's Bachelorette party...weird.

Not this past weekend (4th of July weekend) but the previous weekend we got to celebrate the last milestone in wedding planning festivities for my bff’s wedding….her bachelorette party! We had known when the day was for a long time but it seemed to just kind of creep up on us and before I knew it we were setting up for it!

Friday evening a couple of us girls headed over to Miss Kayla’s to get setup for the following night’s festivities so that when Saturday rolled around, all we would have to do is really show up and enjoy ourselves; smart thinking, huh?!
So what did we have set up and planned?!
Saturday started off with a lingerie shower for the bride to be as well as a game and beer tasting. For this portion we just invited the wedding party and mother’s, that way it would be a little bit more intimate and not as chaotic.

We had glasses made with everyone’s name on it, bachelorette party straws, and diamond shaped shot glass rings for everyone. We also had a few decorations put up as well as a game pinned on the wall. The bride of course had goodies of her own we had picked up…a sash, shot glass, necklaces, etc. We were set.

When everyone got there the bride was fitted with her goodies and food was set out, then the beer tasting began. Everyone was instructed to bring a specialty beer (6 pack) of their choice and was given a card to write which beers they liked and wanted to remember and which ones they didn’t. Of course I didn’t try any but my mouth was watering just smelling them all! Cassie’s MIL brought a 6 pack variety of Leinkugels and I was DYING wanting to try all of them, on top of a blueberry beer that smelled delish! I guess I have lots to look forward to this fall, right??

After the beer tasting we took all the girls into the other room and did the lingerie shower. I hate to brag but we all did pretty darn good—she got some excellent goodies!! Strange enough, a couple of us even got her the same pattern/design just in different pieces. I guess all us girls are really alike :)

After the lingerie shower we played a game, snacked, and hung around for awhile.

Then it was time to head to the bar to meet up with the rest of the party—it was party bus time!!!

It was POURING rain at this point but we didn’t let that ruin our fun. We waited on all the girls to get on the bus and off we went! 25 girls were about to invade all the bars in the area…townies beware!

While on the bus and in between bars, we played a game with the little miss bride to be. The week before the party I had come up with questions to ask her fiancĂ©...questions ranged from naughty to nice. After each bar, I would ask Cass 5 of the questions and she had to answer them to match what Aaron said...for example: Do you prefer Cassie in silk, lace, or leather? and Cassie had to guess how Aaron answered. Anyway, if she got the answer right, she got to pick someone to give a shot to. If she got it wrong, she had to take a shot. We tried not to embarrass her too much and in all honesty, she did VERY well with the questions and got to give out a lot of shots! Not only did she answer most correctly, or close to, but I told her Aaron stole my heart with some of his answers as well..some were just SO sweet. She's a lucky girl :)

Luckily for me, I had the sweetest partner in crime to spend my evening with while everyone else got to booze. Us two preggo girls pounded lemonades all night :) I will say, however, that I still had fun to my surprise. It was fun being able to talk to Meghan (sober) about baby things, and also to see what the bars look like when you’re not drunk haha. I kid, I kid. But I did hold up pretty well…I stayed until about 11:45 when Ryno was called to come get me. At that point I was beyond exhausted and my ankles were SO swollen. #pregnancyproblems

The rest of the girls stayed out and I headed for home..and my bed!

I hope Cass enjoyed her day/night and it was everything she expected! It was definitely a “girls night out” and I think we incorporated everything a bachelorette party should be…girls and booze :)

Next stop?! Her wedding just 16 DAYS!

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