Tuesday, July 16, 2013

26 weeks preggo, my eggo!

This week (Sunday) I turned 26 weeks pregnant! Time flies when you're having fun :)

It's hard to believe that I had my last monthly appointment earlier this month and start my biweekly ones in just 2 short weeks! That is mind boggling to me.

My next appointment is a big one...I have to do my glucose test, and also get blood work and a shot done (Rhogam) because I am Rh-. Of course neither of those things sound fun, but considering I have to give myself a shot every day, what's one more?? On the upside of that appointment, we also have our tour of OB and Delivery scheduled that day which I am VERY excited about. We have not yet seen the delivery rooms or even been there for that matter, so I'm excited to see what they look like and get "familiar" with it before baby girl's birthday. That day, I will also pick a new Dr for delivery as mine won't be there. And lastly, we will sign up for our birthing and breast feeding classes as well. So it's a BIG appointment...we're getting so close!!

Besides that...

This week baby should be weighing a little over 1 2/3 lbs and be about 14 inches long which seems crazy to me. Several sources have also said she may now recognize daddy's voice as well as mine at this point (or whomever she is around the most) which is neat. I am certain she will come home and not even flinch upon hearing Dezi and Bella's barks because she hears them so often as well!

Baby is still a VERY active little thing. She kicks, kicks, kicks all day (and night) long. She really gets in a frenzy when I lay on my side/stomach to fall asleep..it's almost like I'm squishing her or something because she goes nuts but I just love feeling it. I'm not sure I could EVER get tired of feeling those little kicks from within. I have downloaded a kick counter app on my phone (which I recommend to any mama-to-be) and it keeps track of time for me and logs all sessions. Anyway, it also keeps stats and said according to my average, the baby is kicking somewhere around 600 something times A DAY! Crazy, right?!

I am still craving ice cream and eating plenty of it. Ryan says its the worst craving I could have because he feels obligated to eat it every time I do :)

I haven't noticed any swelling anywhere except for my ankles but boy do they look disgusting after a long day :(. I talked to my Dr. about it and he said as long as it's primarily in my ankles and nowhere else, it is just normal for being this far along in pregnancy and it being July out. They don't look normal but I'll take his word on it :) The good news is, if they are bad when I go to bed, I just sleep with them elevated and by sunrise, they are back to normal and ready for another day.

Over the last week I have been more exhausted than previous weeks. It is certainly true that you get a lot more energy with your second trimester but as I am watching it leave, it seems to be taking my energy with it as well. We have been busy though too, so I'm not sure if I can blame it all on baby/my body or if Ryan should get half the blame :) I don't think he quite understands yet just how tired I am after a full day of boating, shopping, etc. and that I can no longer do what I could do just a few months ago. Just Sunday for example, we went boating for 6-7 hours and then got back to the campsite, got the boat unloaded and sat down in chairs... as everyone was grilling out and preparing for dinner, he got on a bike and asked if I wanted to go on a bike ride around the lake! I don't think I could have peddled 4 feet let alone around the lake! I would kill for that kind of energy!

At our last appointment baby had hiccups on the Doppler! She was kicking around like a nut and as he was trying to get a read on her heartbeat he told us that the rhythmic pattern we were hearing were her hiccups! So cute :)

We have our elective ultrasound this Saturday and I cannot wait!! Bob and Tammy as well as my parents are all going with us. I am so excited to see what she looks like...to see her little nose, chin, and ears, and to see just exactly what she is doing in there! Eeeek!! I will post pics next week!

And lastly...

We had a small hiccup in our sweet baby's nursery. I called just yesterday to see how long the crib and dresser take to come in and they told me 10 freakin weeks! The problem?! We haven't ordered them yet!! Of course I am freaking out about that considering I am due in just 13 weeks and some odd days! And that's if she holds on until her due date. Ay ay ay. I kind of thought about ordering something different but we are not going to do that; we are going to stick with what we planned and just get them ordered Saturday while we are in DM and pray they come in on time. If you're wondering why we waited so long to order them, the answer is I really don't know. We have just been busy and haven't been to DM in awhile and kind of put it off--lesson learned.

On a brighter note, we ordered her chair and ottoman last weekend and they should be here by the end of the month.

And a special thanks to Bob and Tammy who got her the chair and ottoman, my parents who are getting the crib, and my grandparents who got the changing table. We are so thankful and blessed to have such wonderful people surrounding us; little miss has no idea just how spoiled she will be!


Kista said...

Love following your blog! also, our babe is STILL not sleeping in her crib! She sleeps in our room next to the bed! I would DEFINITELY recommend the Fisher Price rock n' sleeper.. I had a lot of ppl recommend it to us and our pediatrician told us that she recommended not putting her in her crib until closer to 3 months.. that could be because shew as so tiny and premature too... :\ enjoy those baby kicks b/c before you know it, you will miss them so much!! :)

Cayla said...

I am getting so so excited for you and can not believe you'll be a MOMMY in a few short weeks!

Kista said...

rock n' PLAY sleeper**