Tuesday, July 30, 2013

wedding recapping from earlier this month.

I've clearly fallen behind on this little blog of mine; I'm just now recapping a weekend from the beginning of July! That just goes to show though that life has been busy and I LOVE IT...no complaints here.

The first weekend of this month Ryan and I traveled to Minnesota for one of his best friend's wedding. Being preggo and travelling definitely took it's toll on me, but we made it there in one piece.

The first night there we had to pick up Ryan's tux, head to our hotel, and get ready for rehearsal. I was exhausted so I decided to skip the actual rehearsal myself and sent Ryan with some friends. I met them all back at the hotel for rehearsal dinner after I had rested awhile. The food was AMAZING and after a long day it seemed extra good.

Some baby geese at a pond by our hotel

Our cute little gift bags when we arrived at the hotel
After dinner everyone wanted to head to the bar. It was still early and I felt bad if I didn't go, so I tagged along. We ended up at Toby Keith's bar which was actually pretty neat. I hadn't been one before and I kept joking saying I couldn't wait for Toby to come out and perform. Unfortunately, he did not, but I enjoyed talking to everyone else and sipping on waters with lemon :). By night fall I was exhausted, my ankles were swollen (it was a solid 100+ degrees out all day!) and Ryan walked me back to the hotel. On the way back, we stopped and got me an oreo shake from DQ and once to the room, I propped my ankles up, drank my shake, and went to bed as Ryan headed back to the bar.

The next day Ryan got up super early to get ready and as I helped him out, I ordered breakfast in bed. I then laid around for the better part of the morning/afternoon before the wedding as I sent Ryan off (he had to be there early for pictures). The air conditioning wasn't working in the church at rehearsal the night before and everyone was saying how hot it was and they weren't sure it was going to be fixed by wedding time. Without knowing if it was or wasn't, I actually opted to skip the ceremony just in case. I know I probably sound like a huge baby complaining BUT not only is it my comfort but of more concern, I felt like being overheated probably isn't a great idea while 7 months pregnant, especially for just a ceremony when I would see everyone in just a bit for the cocktail hour and dinner/reception. So as everyone left for the ceremony periodically throughout the afternoon, I stayed at the hotel for a bit longer. I primped and got ready and met them all downstairs once Ryan text me they were on their way back.

Once cocktail hour started, we enjoyed the rest of our evening talking to old friends, watching the little kids dance, and having too much fun in the photobooth. It had everything you would expect at a reception...yummy cupcakes included :) We eventually called it a night later that evening and headed up to our room and passed out.

We left the hotel bright and early the following morning..I couldn't wait to get home to our sweet puppies and my own bed!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

showing off Miss Milania's 3D/4D ultrasound pictures and video!

As I promised in my last blog post, I have uploaded the pictures and video of the little miss' latest ultrasound.
Also, I have finally announced her name (we wanted to be SURE she was a girl first!)
Milania Mae
(we will call her Mila for short)
If you're unsure how to pronounce it, the only way I can think of is...Mill-on-knee-ah
Mila will be pronounced My-lah.
On with the pictures...

This is kind of an awkward angle but she showed us her girl parts SEVERAL times. The lady said "she's 110% girl!"

And she has a little bit of hair!

Somebody was VERY stubborn and kept her feet and hands up by her face through almost the entire thing!

Practicing breathing...

This is kind of gross but she actually has her tongue out here...

Hands and feet everywhere!

Finally decided to turn around for a split second...

Here she actually has her eyes open! I thought it would totally freak me out if she opened her eyes and I was kind of hoping she didn't, but after it happened I wasn't freaked out at all like I thought I would be...it is weird to think she's "looking" around in there though.

She let off a little smile :)

Here is the video of our entire ultrasound...

I would skip ahead to 17 minutes and watch from then on if I were you. She is pretty stubborn at first and wasn't cooperating with us until then when she finally turned her little face so we could see her.

This ultrasound was hands down, the BEST thing about this pregnancy so far. It was so neat! I loved seeing her and felt like I could have laid there for hours watching her move around. She was awake the entire time even though she was being stubborn about her face being covered up and it was so cute to see just exactly what she was up to and to put a face to this little baby we talk so much about.
The tech told me she is weighing 2lbs 4 oz right now and if she stays on track and goes to 40 weeks gestation she should be right at 7lbs when she's born...perfect!
So there she is, a healthy and happy baby girl  :)
PS- if you read my last blog post you knew I was freaking out about her furniture not being here by the time she arrives...well, I have SOME good news. Her crib will still take around 10 weeks to arrive (hopefully) but her dresser, mirror, (both were in stock actually and the guy I talked to the first time didn't realize it) and changing table are all ready to be picked up! We are getting it all tomorrow! I am sooooo happy and relieved! I will give a nursery update next week hopefully!

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

26 weeks preggo, my eggo!

This week (Sunday) I turned 26 weeks pregnant! Time flies when you're having fun :)

It's hard to believe that I had my last monthly appointment earlier this month and start my biweekly ones in just 2 short weeks! That is mind boggling to me.

My next appointment is a big one...I have to do my glucose test, and also get blood work and a shot done (Rhogam) because I am Rh-. Of course neither of those things sound fun, but considering I have to give myself a shot every day, what's one more?? On the upside of that appointment, we also have our tour of OB and Delivery scheduled that day which I am VERY excited about. We have not yet seen the delivery rooms or even been there for that matter, so I'm excited to see what they look like and get "familiar" with it before baby girl's birthday. That day, I will also pick a new Dr for delivery as mine won't be there. And lastly, we will sign up for our birthing and breast feeding classes as well. So it's a BIG appointment...we're getting so close!!

Besides that...

This week baby should be weighing a little over 1 2/3 lbs and be about 14 inches long which seems crazy to me. Several sources have also said she may now recognize daddy's voice as well as mine at this point (or whomever she is around the most) which is neat. I am certain she will come home and not even flinch upon hearing Dezi and Bella's barks because she hears them so often as well!

Baby is still a VERY active little thing. She kicks, kicks, kicks all day (and night) long. She really gets in a frenzy when I lay on my side/stomach to fall asleep..it's almost like I'm squishing her or something because she goes nuts but I just love feeling it. I'm not sure I could EVER get tired of feeling those little kicks from within. I have downloaded a kick counter app on my phone (which I recommend to any mama-to-be) and it keeps track of time for me and logs all sessions. Anyway, it also keeps stats and said according to my average, the baby is kicking somewhere around 600 something times A DAY! Crazy, right?!

I am still craving ice cream and eating plenty of it. Ryan says its the worst craving I could have because he feels obligated to eat it every time I do :)

I haven't noticed any swelling anywhere except for my ankles but boy do they look disgusting after a long day :(. I talked to my Dr. about it and he said as long as it's primarily in my ankles and nowhere else, it is just normal for being this far along in pregnancy and it being July out. They don't look normal but I'll take his word on it :) The good news is, if they are bad when I go to bed, I just sleep with them elevated and by sunrise, they are back to normal and ready for another day.

Over the last week I have been more exhausted than previous weeks. It is certainly true that you get a lot more energy with your second trimester but as I am watching it leave, it seems to be taking my energy with it as well. We have been busy though too, so I'm not sure if I can blame it all on baby/my body or if Ryan should get half the blame :) I don't think he quite understands yet just how tired I am after a full day of boating, shopping, etc. and that I can no longer do what I could do just a few months ago. Just Sunday for example, we went boating for 6-7 hours and then got back to the campsite, got the boat unloaded and sat down in chairs... as everyone was grilling out and preparing for dinner, he got on a bike and asked if I wanted to go on a bike ride around the lake! I don't think I could have peddled 4 feet let alone around the lake! I would kill for that kind of energy!

At our last appointment baby had hiccups on the Doppler! She was kicking around like a nut and as he was trying to get a read on her heartbeat he told us that the rhythmic pattern we were hearing were her hiccups! So cute :)

We have our elective ultrasound this Saturday and I cannot wait!! Bob and Tammy as well as my parents are all going with us. I am so excited to see what she looks like...to see her little nose, chin, and ears, and to see just exactly what she is doing in there! Eeeek!! I will post pics next week!

And lastly...

We had a small hiccup in our sweet baby's nursery. I called just yesterday to see how long the crib and dresser take to come in and they told me 10 freakin weeks! The problem?! We haven't ordered them yet!! Of course I am freaking out about that considering I am due in just 13 weeks and some odd days! And that's if she holds on until her due date. Ay ay ay. I kind of thought about ordering something different but we are not going to do that; we are going to stick with what we planned and just get them ordered Saturday while we are in DM and pray they come in on time. If you're wondering why we waited so long to order them, the answer is I really don't know. We have just been busy and haven't been to DM in awhile and kind of put it off--lesson learned.

On a brighter note, we ordered her chair and ottoman last weekend and they should be here by the end of the month.

And a special thanks to Bob and Tammy who got her the chair and ottoman, my parents who are getting the crib, and my grandparents who got the changing table. We are so thankful and blessed to have such wonderful people surrounding us; little miss has no idea just how spoiled she will be!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

remembering ALL the details of Cassie's Bachelorette party...weird.

Not this past weekend (4th of July weekend) but the previous weekend we got to celebrate the last milestone in wedding planning festivities for my bff’s wedding….her bachelorette party! We had known when the day was for a long time but it seemed to just kind of creep up on us and before I knew it we were setting up for it!

Friday evening a couple of us girls headed over to Miss Kayla’s to get setup for the following night’s festivities so that when Saturday rolled around, all we would have to do is really show up and enjoy ourselves; smart thinking, huh?!
So what did we have set up and planned?!
Saturday started off with a lingerie shower for the bride to be as well as a game and beer tasting. For this portion we just invited the wedding party and mother’s, that way it would be a little bit more intimate and not as chaotic.

We had glasses made with everyone’s name on it, bachelorette party straws, and diamond shaped shot glass rings for everyone. We also had a few decorations put up as well as a game pinned on the wall. The bride of course had goodies of her own we had picked up…a sash, shot glass, necklaces, etc. We were set.

When everyone got there the bride was fitted with her goodies and food was set out, then the beer tasting began. Everyone was instructed to bring a specialty beer (6 pack) of their choice and was given a card to write which beers they liked and wanted to remember and which ones they didn’t. Of course I didn’t try any but my mouth was watering just smelling them all! Cassie’s MIL brought a 6 pack variety of Leinkugels and I was DYING wanting to try all of them, on top of a blueberry beer that smelled delish! I guess I have lots to look forward to this fall, right??

After the beer tasting we took all the girls into the other room and did the lingerie shower. I hate to brag but we all did pretty darn good—she got some excellent goodies!! Strange enough, a couple of us even got her the same pattern/design just in different pieces. I guess all us girls are really alike :)

After the lingerie shower we played a game, snacked, and hung around for awhile.

Then it was time to head to the bar to meet up with the rest of the party—it was party bus time!!!

It was POURING rain at this point but we didn’t let that ruin our fun. We waited on all the girls to get on the bus and off we went! 25 girls were about to invade all the bars in the area…townies beware!

While on the bus and in between bars, we played a game with the little miss bride to be. The week before the party I had come up with questions to ask her fiancĂ©...questions ranged from naughty to nice. After each bar, I would ask Cass 5 of the questions and she had to answer them to match what Aaron said...for example: Do you prefer Cassie in silk, lace, or leather? and Cassie had to guess how Aaron answered. Anyway, if she got the answer right, she got to pick someone to give a shot to. If she got it wrong, she had to take a shot. We tried not to embarrass her too much and in all honesty, she did VERY well with the questions and got to give out a lot of shots! Not only did she answer most correctly, or close to, but I told her Aaron stole my heart with some of his answers as well..some were just SO sweet. She's a lucky girl :)

Luckily for me, I had the sweetest partner in crime to spend my evening with while everyone else got to booze. Us two preggo girls pounded lemonades all night :) I will say, however, that I still had fun to my surprise. It was fun being able to talk to Meghan (sober) about baby things, and also to see what the bars look like when you’re not drunk haha. I kid, I kid. But I did hold up pretty well…I stayed until about 11:45 when Ryno was called to come get me. At that point I was beyond exhausted and my ankles were SO swollen. #pregnancyproblems

The rest of the girls stayed out and I headed for home..and my bed!

I hope Cass enjoyed her day/night and it was everything she expected! It was definitely a “girls night out” and I think we incorporated everything a bachelorette party should be…girls and booze :)

Next stop?! Her wedding day..in just 16 DAYS!