Monday, May 27, 2013

Girl or Boy?

In exactly one week we will know whether we will spend the rest of our lives being a mom and dad to a little boy or little girl. That's a big deal! The anticipation is absolutely killing me! So, since we don't know what he/she is in there yet and have no way of finding out until our anatomy ultrasound, I've been looking at old wives tales and seeing which way the pendulum is swinging. I obviously don't believe all of them and some are just plain crazy, but either way they are fun to look at so I thought I would share them with you all and see your opinions.
Boy or Girl?
1. Heart rate. According to the old wives tales, a heart rate of 140+ indicates a girl. A heart rate of 140 and lower indicates a boy.
--The baby's heart rate was always 160-175 every time I checked it for the first 14 weeks or so. At our last Dr. visit though it was 155 and just this week when I checked it was hovering right around 152. All indicate a girl, but it is slowly dropping....or the baby is getting much more wiggly and hard to get a good read on.
2. Cravings. Sweet cravings indicates a girl, sour or salty cravings indicate a boy.
--I've been loving lemons lately, but in the same breath I've been eating WAY more ice cream than I normally do. I'd say this one is a draw.
3. Chinese Calendar.
--This uses my age at conception (25) and the month we did the deed (January). This indicates a girl.
4. Mayan determination. This uses the age I was at conception and the year the baby was conceived. If both are odd or even, it's a girl. If one is odd and the other even, it indicates a boy.
--I was 25, and the year was 2013, indicating a girl because both numbers are odd.
5. Stealing my beauty. The old wives tale says that a girl baby will steal a mother's beauty for her own, this causing the mother to feel less pretty, break out more often, and just look all around more dull.
--My face has only broken out ONCE this entire pregnancy so far and has hands down been the clearest it's been in 2 years! Definitely indicating a boy.
6. Morning sickness. Lots and intense morning sickness points to a girl because it's thought all the extra hormones a female baby is producing causes the mother's hormones to surge. Not much morning sickness indicates a boy.
--No need to go into details...this would certainly indicate a girl. (Though I know for my best friend she was totally opposite)
7. Hair. Thin and dull indicates a girl, thick and luscious indicates a boy.
--I was expecting some miracle growth in both my hair and fingernails this pregnancy because I've always heard this to be true no matter the sex, but alas, my hair sucks right now, indicating a boy.
8. The father. Since the baby's daddy is the only one contributing either an X or Y, the sex determination is up to him. If it is passed down through generations, you judge by siblings.
--Ryan's parents had him, a brother, and a sister. So 2 boys, 1 girl. His dad had 3 brothers and 3 sisters in his (biological) family. This is pretty neutral then, I would say.
9. Mood swings. Sweet and sour mood swings indicates a girl. Steady and normal indicates a boy.
--I, surprisingly, have not had any real mood swings. Like I mentioned previously, I do cry at the drop of a pin, but I haven't been an evil witch by any means. Actually, quite the opposite, indicating a boy.
10. The mother's guess. This is a study not a wives tale, but supposedly women guess their baby's sex correctly 71% of the time.
--My guess?! I don't have one. I dream it is a boy but then when I picture us having a child I always picture it being a girl--so I'm truly 50/50. And like I've mentioned before, EVERYONE besides 3 people now say its a girl, which kind of makes me lean towards a boy because God likes to trick people :)
So what do you think?! Should we be buying pink bows or Tonka trucks?
Boy: 3 Girl: 4

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Cayla said...

Ahhhh! HOW EXCITING! I'm with you, I would not be able to wait. I'm gonna say both... twins ;)