Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rehearsal Dinner {recapping}

From Wednesday's post...

We ended up calling it a day around 3-4 that afternoon because we had something else big going on that night...Rehearsal Dinner!!

So after being sick less than 12 hours before and then pulling myself together and going to decorate, I still had a night of festivities ahead of me and despite feeling less than 100%, I was excited!

We all left decorating and headed to home to get primped and primed. We were having rehearsal at the church following 5:10 mass and then dinner and drinks at the Resort immediately after.

We had planned all along to go to mass that evening but I was absolutely beat and basically begged Ryan to just sit at home awhile and relax in between the events instead of attending mass. I know that doesn't sound good, and it certainly wasn't ideal, but it is what ended up happening.

At 6:00pm we showed up to rehearsal and with everyone basically there already, we got right to it.

Father went over what the ceremony would look like while we all gathered round and listened, and then we did the run through. I am not kidding you you guys, this rehearsal took all of 15 minutes! Seriously, the shortest thing ever!

Everybody felt confident knowing what they were supposed to do, and there it was! Seriously, it was easy peasy!

The only hiccup in the whole deal was he made the bridesmaids and groomsmen practicing sitting at all once several times. I still giggle about it today because it was so funny that they couldn't get it right. The girls were looking at the boys for a lead and vice versa. I think the flower girl and ring bear ended up being in charge ;)

With this, we also signed our marriage license! I actually didn't know you signed it during rehearsal but he explained that it makes life a little easier on everyone doing it this way. So yes, we were technically married a couple days before our wedding! Eeek, weird eh? Father Mike laughed when I said that though and said "It's not official until I send it in!"

Afterwards we all headed to the Resort for dinner and drinks. I had looked forward to this night for SO long and actually scheduled it on Saturday (2 days before the wedding) so that we could party and not have to worry about the next morning and looking our best, but God had other plans for me. I could hardly bare the thought of food and water, let alone alcohol. So being the boring bride that I was, I drank Sprite all night while everyone else drank yummy drinks! It wasn't ideal but it worked and was totally worth it if it meant I would be feeling better by our wedding day.

After having some drinks and a delish dinner, we passed out gifts and chatted awhile before all heading back into town. A few people went home, but most others headed to the bar.


Where did my MOH and myself head? To get naked at my house and get spray tanned! Yes folks, I got a spray tan at midnight on a Saturday. She (Leah) is seriously THE BEST. Not only did she offer to come spray our white butts (literally) so late on a Saturday night when it was convenient for us, but she also gave me mine FOR FREE even when I tried to pay her (because I was the bride). I cannot say thank you enough to her! She is wonderful and does a wonderful job--and if you live around here, you should probably have her spray tan you!

So after prancing around the house and standing in front of a fan for what felt like decades, I threw on some sweats and headed uptown to retrieve my soon-to-be-husband from the bar. I ended up staying awhile and hanging out with everyone but we eventually called it a night a little before bar close. I was absolutely beat and though he wouldn't admit it, I'm sure he was ready to get some shut eye as well!

So that's a wrap on our rehearsal dinner!

Sunday wasn't anything very exciting--we woke up, went and decorated for awhile, 3 of my bridesmaids and I went and got our nails done and did some last minute makeup counter shopping. and then 2 of my cousins and I headed back out to the reception site to make sure everything was done and it was still coming along. Ryan's dad and brother-in-law had the air compressor going and were blowing up balloons for the balloon drop at midnight and his sister was doing last minute touches on everything. It was looking great and we really didn't have much to do, so we got it all done in a short amount of time!
Ps-I cannot say thank you enough to the people who dedicated SO much of their time to put this thing together. Esp Ryan's sister and her husband, and Rachel and Daniel. It literally would not have happened if it wasn't for them. I have said thank you numerous times but it doesn't express how much thanks I really have for all of them. I told Rach I think I owe her my first born or something! :)


Jamie said...

What a wonderful evening!

Cayla Hess said...

Yipee!! And that menu looks AMAZING by the way. Yum Yum!