Monday, February 11, 2013

reception recapping!

This is my final wedding recap post!! Yay for that!
**Disclaimer: some of these pictures are our professional pictures while others are cell phone pictures/personal cameras**

So I left off Thursday with us getting in the limo after the ceremony...

Once in the limo, our wonderful bridal party already had drinks ready and we were ready to start our New Year's Eve celebration! It was such a relief having the ceremony done and being in the limo with just our friends. It was a perfect chance to unwind for the day and let loose a little!

Since the reception site is only about 7 miles from the church, we didn't want to go straight there and beat all the guests. Instead, we called around to a few bars and some were open, some were not, yet and lo and behold, we ended up at the most backwoods bar in the county! I would like to say I was kidding, but I really am not. It ended up taking us longer to get out there than we even spent there but we did enjoy ourselves for a drink before hopping back in the limo and heading to the reception.

Once at the reception, we did the traditional wedding party entrance, and then talked to a few people before heading to our table. We rounded up all the wedding party and had the DJ say a few words before dinner.

After the wedding party all had all finished dinner and the guests all had theirs we started speeches. We, as in the rest of the wedding party--not myself :)

First the best man spoke, then the maid of honor, then 2 other bridesmaids, then 2 of the groomsmen. Ryan got the microphone last.

I'm not kidding you..I think the speeches went on for 20 minutes. I don't think I've EVER seen speeches that lasted so long :) most were really funny (to us anyway) and they all had the sweetest things to say, which absolutely was the best part.We don't have the video back of them yet but when we do, I will see if I can somehow post it on here.

After dinner and speeches we tried to make our rounds and say hello to everyone and thank them for coming, all while trying to make an appearance on the dance floor occasionally. During this time, we also had our "First Dance" (Brad Paisley-Then) but passed on the traditional cutting of the cake.

Here is a video one of my cousins took of the reception dancing

We spent the rest of our night doing all of the above and soaking it all in. We danced, drank, chatted, and kissed 2012 away, all while welcoming 2013... as a married couple.

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