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missing Bora Bora. {honeymoon recap part 3}

So, as the title states, I am honeymoon recapping! If you've missed the first two posts, click below and get caught up!

Part 1
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Bora Bora Bound
The morning we were to leave Tahiti, the weather didn't cut us a break (much like it didn't most of the time we were there). It poured and poured all morning, but luckily for us, we had to pack because we had a late morning flight so the weather didn't affect us much--and NOTHING was going to rain on my parade that day! :) We got packed up, checked out of our hotel and off we were to the airport again...just 4 days after arriving!

Once we got to the airport, the rain really started to come down. We were safe inside but I had an uneasy feeling. I hate flying as it is and we were taking a PROPELLER PLANE. That should freak anyone out! I prayed and prayed that the skies would clear up before our plane landed and was ready to take off with us in it, and sure did...a little.

We boarded the plane, got fresh pineapple juice (yummy!) and were Bora Bora bound. ETA-one hour!

Geography 101
I don't know if you guys appreciate these small geography lessons or are completely annoyed by them, but let me explain Bora Bora for just a second. In this post I talked about where Bora Bora is located, but didn't say much else.
So here's the deal...Bora Bora is an island in French Polynesia as previously mentioned but the main reason it is so famous is because of it's crystal clear waters and overwater bungalows that sit on these waters. Bora Bora is known for having more shades of blue water than anywhere else in the world, and these overwater bungalows that they're so famously known for are only in two places in the entire world--here and in the Maldives, making them a luxury.
**I actually read about a year ago that Sandals was attempting to build overwater bungalows in St. Lucia though!**
Now, why wouldn't other places just build them if they're so desired? Well, there's a catch. In order to get the full affect, the water they are on top of needs to be beautiful safe from currents and waves and also shallow enough, far out, in order to build them, otherwise the concept wouldn't work. Just think if you built an entire set of bungalows off the shore of California. The water would not only be dangerous but also too deep. With me?
Soooo what makes Bora Bora's water ideal for these structures is the way the island is made up. Basically, there is a volcano (that hasn't been active for a very long time) in the center, and circling around the volcano is a strip of land that encases it. Like so...
This is not my picture, I found it on Google! We didn't fly NEARLY this high!
This land is big enough for hotels to fit length wise but nothing else. The hotels then build their bungalows facing inwards (see picture below), toward the volcano where the water is semi-shallow and free from currents/waves/etc. And the reason the water is so clear is because on the inlet where water does get in to the "lagoon" as they call it, it passes through a barrier reef first, which essentially cleans it. Also, the water sits pretty still in here, and is constantly warm due to that--much like a swimming pool being heated by the sun (the water only ever fluctuates by a couple degrees year round). Thus creating the perfect paradise!
I also found this picture on Google.

 Lesson over....
Arrival / Day 1
Upon descent of our flight, I saw everyone ewwing and awwing and leaned over Ryan to look out (I refuse to look out the window ordinarily) I could finally see paradise--Bora Bora was right beneath us!

Literally, we were so low for so long that we could see EVERYTHING including the hotels (our hotel we later came to find out!) as well as boats on the water. I instantly got goosebumps and was overcome with emotion! The place we had been looking forward to for so long was right below us! It was finally here!
Our plane landed and we scurried into the airport. Before we get too far, let me first tell you that the Bora Bora airport is like the size of a closet. It is basically one open room that sits under a hut...much like the overwater bungalows without walls. It has a landing strip on one side for the planes and the other side is a boat dock filled with boats from the various hotels on the island. It is all open aired and just completely strange/awesome at the same time.

Anyway, we went to the luggage pickup area (which is also something so different than any airport I've ever seen) and waited on that and then found our hotel kiosk. There was someone there to greet us (give us lei's again also) and she let us know we had to wait to everyone who was going to the hotel to get their luggage and we'd be off. After a few minutes of anxiously waiting, some people came and got our luggage for us and showed us the way onto the boat.

We had a 20 minute ride to our hotel and it was the most beautiful boat ride you can possibly imagine! We were on crystal clear waters, on a hot day in Bora Bora, passing by the most spectacular volcano on one side and overwater bungalows on the other. It was amazing. When we spotted the first overwater bungalow I think I got goosebumps actually! Absolutely breathtaking.

Here is a short video of the boat ride first and below it is a picture...

After what felt like just 2 minutes, we arrived to our hotel's boat dock which was in between both sets of bungalows..and full of music and lei's! There were guys playing and singing welcome songs as we stepped off the boat. We then left our luggage with the workers and followed our guide to check in. As we checked in we were greeted with the most delicious and beautiful drinks! We got all of our paperwork signed, got a short tour of the grounds, then were whisked away on a golf cart to our room.

We knew our room number but had no idea where we were going. We were hoping we were far out on the water (we wanted it to be deep below us so we could jump off and swim!) and as we passed 1, 2, 3, 20+ bungalows, I instantly got excited. We were cleeeear at the end, just 5 bungalows in. Perfect.

We walked into our bungalow and could barely contain ourselves. It was breathtaking...even better than we had imagined.

Here is a video tour of our bungalow...

and here are some pictures...

As we walked around our room and out on the deck acting like children at Christmas taking it all in, we first had a knock at the door that was our luggage. They brought it in and left us be. Then we had another knock....we had a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket with two champagne glasses, and also a bottle of wine in an ice bucket with two wine glasses. We were getting spoiled already and had just arrived.


After looking at everything in our room (they even gave us honeymoon gifts, which included a tshirt for Ryan and beach wrap for me) we decided to take the champagne out on the deck and sip on that while admiring the view.

Ryan instantly got bored with that though and wanted to jump in. I gave in and agreed we should get our swimsuits on and get in that water! He kept telling me to jump (I was scared) and told me to do it for Dezi and Bella hahah. What a dork. Anyway, we did that for awhile and then headed into the beach, snorkel gear in tow. Our first trip in!

We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening at the beach laying out or snorkeling or in one of the two pools before calling it a day and heading back to our room.

 We ordered room service that night and ate on our deck as we stared out into the water and across the way at everything lit up. It was gorgeous! Our first day in Bora Bora was everything we had imagined it to be x100. Amazing.

I got a chicken club and Ryan got a cheeseburger

**We stayed at the Le Meridien in Bora Bora


Anna TTIL said...

I WANT TO GO THERE! It's beautiful!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

That is completely amazing. Gorgeous.

Kelsey Homolka said...

It's depressing me that I'm stuck here in boring NE with no sand or sun whatsoever.... BTW, was in Omaha today, we had a Scentsy convention. I thought about you!

Audrie Is... said...

You deserve it missy! Try to persuade that husband of yours :) It IS beautiful and everything it's hyped up to be!

Audrie Is... said...

It is amazing! Seriously, as I mentioned before, it IS everything its hyped up to be! It couldn't have been any better.

Audrie Is... said...

lol let's not act like Iowa is any warmer :) It was perfection!!

And I saw you were at a convention on Twitter--I didn't know it was in Omaha. How cool! Someday!! :)

Andiepants said...

This is beautiful and I'm totally jealous of your amazing honeymoon!!!
beautiful pictures! So happy you guys got to do this!

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