Wednesday, February 13, 2013

loving Tahiti {honeymoon recap}

I am starting off where I left off yesterday with recapping our honeymoon. If you missed yesterday's post, click here and get caught up!

Day 1
8 or so hours after taking off from Lax late at night, we woke up ready to land in Tahiti at 6am the following day (Friday). It was only about 6am when we stepped off the plane and the sun hadn't even completely risen, but it was HOT and HUMID already! It was so crazy! We got through customs and headed to our designated area where we were to have a hotel employee meet us and transfer us to the hotel. Though we were looking a little rough, they greeted us with lei's and showed us the way.

They greeted us when we landed in Tahiti

Not my best picture.... I was EXHAUSTED getting off that plane! But aren't the lei's gorgeous?!

Our first glimpse outside the airport (it is all open aired)
After just a short trip to the hotel, we got checked in and to our room and couldn't have been more pleased. Our room was perfect and had the most gorgeous view in the entire hotel! It was amazing.

The view from our deck--that is the island of Moorea you can see in the distance

The main building of the hotel when you pull up

The hallway in our suite...and Ryan.

The main lobby

Looking out the main entrance

swim up bar

We were both exhausted from travelling, though we slept on and off all night, and realizing there wasn't much to do at 6am, we both showered and laid down for a nap. We woke up a few hours later and headed straight for the pool. I had been missing that Vitamin D! We spent the better part of the afternoon laying out poolside while drinking fresh pineapple juice, swimming on occasion and reading. It was the PERFECT afternoon and exactly what I had pictured our honeymoon to be like--total and complete relaxation.

After spending the afternoon down by the pool, we got back up to our room and hungry and thirsty, we decided to head to the grocery store and get a few things. Our suite was equipped with a kitchen, so we could buy drinks and even food to make, which was ideal. We walked to the grocery store just about a block away and then walked back to the hotel, groceries in hand. Ryan was such a sweetheart--he carried them all and I just carried the jug of water :)

For dinner, we knew we wanted to try these "roulette" things we had read so much about. Basically, a bunch of food trucks line up each night at the marina and set up tables and bands and stuff and serve food..basically, it was exactly like the state fair food trucks. They had a variety of things and it was so fun to walk past each one and look at their menu and what other people were eating. Most menu's were in French so it did pose a little bit of a problem, but not enough for us not to eat. :) We finally decided on They were cooking them in a brickoven and they looked and smelled so delicious. We shared pizza ocean side--it doesn't get much better than that :) It was the perfect night and after being completely stuffed and watching the beautiful Tahitian sunset, we headed back to our hotel. We stopped along the way at a crepe roulette though and had the most amazing crepe I have EVER had, it was banana and nutella--seriously to die for! After stuffing our faces with that, it was time for was a long but amazing first day in Tahiti.

Beautiful sunset

Ok, so since we don't speak French, we didn't know what size we were ordering or how big they would this is what we ended up with

the banana nutella crepe = amazing

Day 2

The following day we had planned to take a ferry to Moorea, another island in French Polynesia that you could actually see from our hotel room! Ryan had wanted to go golfing there (it looks SO gorgeous) and I thought it would be fun to go as well, even though I don't golf. A ferry ride AND golf? Perfect. And even better than that was....we were going to visit friends who were also on vacation there! How crazy is that?! It is a small, small world I tell you. Well, we had our hopes up and got up bright and early to go and SURPRISE: rain! It literally rained alllll morning. We sat on our deck eating breakfast wondering if it was ever going to stop. We weren't interested in swimming in the rain like all of the other crazies so we basically just sat around waiting for it to stop. It didn't, and showed no signs of letting up, so we had a last minute change of plans. We decided we were going to go visit the "Municipal Market" which is in downtown Papette. I had read a lot about it and knew it was a tourist attraction and thought it would give us something fun to do...semi-indoors!

We took a taxi into the market and there we were, in the middle of raw fish and basket making! It was actually really neat and I'm so glad we got a chance to do it. I had never seen anything like it (Iowa, you're letting me down ;) people were selling things everywhere. Stuff for sale ranged from hand carved sea turtles (which I bought, obviously) to fresh flowers, fresh fruits, and swim wraps. It was crazy and so neat at the same time.

We spent a few hours there and looked at EVERYTHING before walking in the rain and splashing through puddles to find a restroom (which ended up in an alley behind a business) and then a restaurant that was so so good! We enjoyed a late lunch and then headed back to our hotel. By the time we got there, the sun was kind enough to grace us with it's presence for awhile so we could swim and layout just before sunset.

We headed back to our room that evening, showered, and decided to cook dinner in our room. I had a headache from no Mountain Dew that day and Ryan offered to cook spaghetti. We ate that on the deck while looking out to the ocean and Moorea in the distance. Though we were sad we didn't get to see it, go golfing, and hang out with people we knew, it was still a wonderful day, the market was a great experience, and I was thankful to be there no matter what the weather.

Day 3

The following morning I thought I had set my alarm for 7:45 but since our phones were still on LA time, it was actually 5:45 am in Tahiti. We got up and got ready for the day thinking it was nearly 8 the entire time until Ryan switched on the Ipad...whoops! We were up for the day though and headed down to the pool...just a little bit early :) We spent some time laying out and doing what we came there for. We swam, laid out, and got in the ocean a bit before it started to sprinkle on us and we headed back to our room. As we were getting out and getting dried off, we ran into a couple who spoke English as well and they struck up conversation. One thing led to another and they told us they had just been in Bora Bora at the same hotel we were staying at and IT HAD RAINED 12 OUT OF 12 DAYS ON THEM! Upon hearing this and realizing it had rained the day previous where we were and also was ready to pour as we stood there, I instantly became nervous our trip would be like this! We said goodbye to them and headed to our room. Then, what started as a sprinkle, turned into a full blown rain storm. It literally rained the entire day after that. I don't think it let up even one time!


Not knowing what to do for dinner (we didn't think anything on the restaurant menu sounded fab) we decided to RUN down the road in the pouring rain to the roulettes once again. Literally you guys, it was pouring. We ordered our food and stood under and overhang in a puddle about 6 inches deep while it cooked, got it, then darted back to the hotel. We got up to our room and into clean clothes and enjoyed our last night eating dinner on the deck in our room listening to the rain. Though it had rained 2/3 days (for the most part) of our trip so far, we were loving nearly every moment of our trip so far and were soooo excited for Bora Bora the following morning, we were both praying nice weather would show up there when we did as well!
**We stayed at the Manava Suite Resort in Tahiti, in case anyone was wondering!


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Beautiful photos, even the rainy ones!

I'm following now to see more. Tahiti is on our list of places to go, but the long travel time to and from definitely inhibits me from pushing it!

Stopping by from the linkup.

notyourdirtyunderwear said...

This looks GORG!!! and mmmm that crepe looks delish!

Audrie Is... said...

I'm excited to have you!! I definitely think you should go if you ever get the chance. The travel was terrible--from Iowa we spent nearly 24 hours travelling, BUT I swear to you, once you get there you forget how long it took! It was totally worth it!

Audrie Is... said...

The pictures don't really do it justice! The view from our deck was amazing and everything else was sooo pretty and summery!

Ashley said...

If I just say "aaahhhhhhhhhhh!" Can you feel my excitement?
We vacationed in st Lucia for Christmas and every time I read honeymoon blogs to beautiful tropical places my little heart goes back to that island!
I'm so glad you had fun, I enjoyed this post!

Audrie Is... said...

Ah I love it! I saw a honeymoon post today and clicked it just to relive it the same way you do :) The Bora Bora pictures are much better, I promise you!! :)

Have a good Valentine's day and weekend!!

Audrie Is... said...

oh and ps-St Lucia is totally on my top 3 destinations to go to next! It sounds like you enjoyed it!