Tuesday, February 5, 2013

catching you up on life!

I've fallen a bit behind on here lately with keeping you updated on just life in general. The wedding posts kind of took over my blog for awhile so I wanted to give it a break and let you know what's been going on as of late with Ryan, myself, and the girls, so here is "lately"...

First and foremost, I've wanted to share this for awhile...one of the most exciting things to happen as of late was...

I got asked to be the Maid of Honor in my bestie's wedding this summer!

First of all, if this isn't the cutest thing, I don't know what is. And second of all..eeeeek!! I am so excited, you can only imagine!

I am excited for every part of it and hope I can help make her day (and the days leading up to it) as special and memorable as she made mine.

She has already gone into total "bride mode" and is getting stuff checked off quickly! With all the major things done (including finding "the dress"!) I am looking forward to a few smaller things in the coming week...we are going bridesmaid dress shopping, as well as cake testing and tracking down reception decor! And right when you thought I was done blogging about wedding stuff ;)

Other things that have been going on...

We had a girls night last weekend...

We went to the brewery for dinner and drinks, then out to the bar, then to a dance party after party.

I don't even remember taking this picture but if you're wondering why mine doesn't have a shot glass in it like everyone else's, the answer is simple: I'm worried I'll chip my tooth on it when it starts sliding around....for real. So I always order it without. #highmaintenance
Oh, and the weather?
The weather has been ridic lately. Seriously frigid--a far cry from that hot Bora Bora sun! I told Ryan on Sunday "it's actually not bad out today" and it was literally like 20 degrees; I was ready to wear shorts and a tank! The girls hate it (along with baths, perfume, other dogs, toothbrushes, the vacuum, etc. etc. etc.) and I may or may not have had to retrieve Bella from a snowdrift off of our deck one morning in just a t shirt and underwear, but that's a whole nother story. Yet when they get in the car, they STILL want the window down, freezing rain or not.

Besides that, the girls have been well.

Ryan is still livin' the dream and dreaming of golfing weather. It has gotten out of hand lately as he's been eyeing new golf shoes, hats, shirts, etc. To keep him busy though, he has been playing basketball every Sunday with some high school boys haha! He comes home and can't walk but I think he's enjoying it. Besides that, he still likes ESPN and me.

And myself? Just the same old story! All of our wedding pictures and pictures from Bora Bora are now in so I can finally get them all printed and framed and hung etc.


Now to just decide where to put them! Oh, I also got thank you cards ordered this week! So I've been on a roll with that. We almost have this wedding thing wrapped up! I'm certainly looking forward to some nicer weather, as is everyone, but am certainly keeping busy either way!

Since everything can't be great, I do have a more somber note.

Thursday after work Ryan's mom got home and realized something was wrong with their family dog, Chyna. They had gotten her when Ryan was just 14 (he's going to be 30 this year!) so she's getting pretty old, but has generally been in good health. She was twisting her back really weird and could barely use her back legs. His mom told me what was going on and told me to tell Ryan and Curt but didn't really say much else until later that night when she again messaged me saying she didn't seem to be doing well. She made an appointment for her Saturday (when she could get off work) but Ryan and I ended up taking her in Friday evening instead because she wasn't improving.

When Ryan and I arrived to get her, it was much worse than we imagined. She literally couldn't walk and was shaking and twitching like crazy. Ryan even had to carry her to the car which is SO unlike her. Then, in the car on the way there, she was doing the most bizarre things. She was twisting her entire back and extending her leg clear up in the air and looked totally out of it. It was so sad and Ryan couldn't even look at her while she did it. I, of course, cried.

Once to the vet, Dr. Lisa said that she thought she was having seizures, possibly caused by a tumor in her brain--her eye was also bulging out, which led her to think this was possibly the cause. She gave her a shot and also anti-seizure meds to take twice a day. She said the anti-seizure meds may make her snap out of it and may not, but we would know within a few days. Ryan asked if we were just prolonging her death and the vet said no, that some dogs really do snap out of it and it's worth a try. Of course everyone was happy and rooting for her, but knew she had a long road ahead.

Saturday afternoon Ryan's mom said Chyna's condition had worsened and she seemed more and more lethargic. We went out to visit her that night and all realized she wasn't doing well at all. She was having back-to-back seizures still and wasn't interested in much. The next day her conditioned worsened and even with her anti-seizure and Ativan, she was still seizing, getting sick, and could barely walk, also, she started losing control of her bladder while seizing. At that point they all made the decision she needed to be put to sleep for her own sake.

Monday came and no one wanted to be the one to have to take Chyna in. Though she was miserable and everyone knew it wasn't fair to keep her alive for our own benefit, nobody wanted to play that role. The boys both said it would be too hard on them to see her like that and even Ryan's dad said "he would probably cry seeing her like that"--note, Ryan says he has NEVER seen his dad cry, if that tells you anything. Anyway, his mom had to go to work so she wasn't an option either. So that leaves....

Me. I took one for the team, and for Chyna, and took her in to be put to sleep. Me, the girl who cries if my emotions aren't anywhere between a 5-7, took Ryan's family dog to be put to sleep. You can imagine how that went.

I cried the entire way to Ryan's house to get her and in a desperate thought, I hoped maybe she had already passed on her own, in her own home, peacefully. When I opened the door, as she lied there on the floor, I realized she hadn't and she was happy to see me aaaand had to go potty. I then went to leash her up and let her outdoors and it hit me even harder, the poor thing fell about 4 times just walking outside to go potty and couldn't even get herself back up. I contemplated just putting her in the car then so she didn't have to walk out there again but we still had about a half hour and I wanted to spend a little time petting her before I took her in. So we walked back inside and that's exactly what I did.

I petted her and talked to her for what seemed like just a few minutes but was nearly a half hour, and then loaded her up in the car. I went with her to the vet and stayed with her until she passed.

Though it was one of the harder things I've done and definitely has torn at my emotions all day, I don't regret doing it and know she is in a much better place. And if it could take a little bit of pain away from Ryan (and Curt) not having to see it, it was worth it.

So anyway...

Sorry to end on such a sad note, but that's all I got for you guys. That's what's been going on around here for the last few weeks since we've been home! I hope all your years are off to a great start and you're looking forward to the rest of the year as much as we are around here!

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