Wednesday, January 30, 2013

wedding recapping {part 2}

So picking up where I left off yesterday...(click here)

My friends and family were left with an open room with only tables and chairs set up, decorations in boxes that weren't labeled and going off a plan that was in my head... miles away!

They were all troopers though, and seriously got SO much done. They literally spent ALL DAY out there doing what they could: rearranging tables, putting together centerpieces, stringing lights, setting up the cake table, etc. all without me. :(

And since no one really knew exactly what I wanted (I'm not even sure I did ;) ) they were all sending me picture messages and asking "yes or no?" "this way, or this way?" etc. I was also attempting to orchestrate by sending very detailed messages back so they understood exactly what I was looking for and also making a million calls. I'm not sure whether or not they thought I was helpful or they wanted to kill me, but it seemed to be working...for awhile.

The only real downfall came when they had most of the decorations done and were going to start on the ceiling decorations--which in hindsight, should have probably been done before even the table clothes were put on the tables. It is hard though, knowing what to do in what order, when everyone has a different plan and idea of what to do, you know?

So anyway, it was getting late and we had been doing this picture/message phone call thing all day and I had been getting sick all day and I was just exhausted, stressed, worried, etc. Finally Ryan sends me a picture of the overhang (the last thing they were trying to finish up for the day/night) and I kid you not, it looked NOTHING like what I had wanted. Not even similar. I was first. I asked if he had shown everyone the picture of what I wanted because if you put the pictures side-by-side you would realize they weren't even similar. He said yes and quickly got upset with me, telling me they had spent hours working on this thing and weren't sure what I wanted, etc. etc. etc.

Naturally, I hang up the phone and just start bawling. Ryan is mad at me because I wasn't drooling over something that looked like trailer trash, my brother is home from college and I have barely got to see him yet he's out decorating for my wedding, and I couldn't eat or drink a single thing without it coming back up in 3 minutes. It.was.terrible.

This is about how I felt... (our little niece, Zoe, at the wedding)

Finally, Ryan sends me another picture, that still looks nothing like what I wanted, and I say just to quit for the night and come home and sleep and I will get up bright and early--hoping to feel better by then-- and we'll get the overhang taken care of then. Everyone seems ok with that as they all sound exhausted, and Ryan and Curt head back here.

Once in the door, I get more of the story, and actually start to feel a little better. Basically, everyone knew the overhang wasn't what I had wanted and it wasn't looking "right", yet no one wanted to hurt anyone's (my stepdad's mostly) feelings and say so, especially considering he told Ryan he "thought he had a masterpiece." Ha! So me having them quit was actually a good thing, even though I looked like the crazy bride for awhile.

Mini Bridezilla :) (Faye, our flower girl, getting her heerrrr did)

And then I find out things had been cut wrong, and before leaving they all decided they wanted to start over completely. This meant Ryan needed to run to Des Moines (an hour and a half each way) in the morning to get some more supplies. What a mess, huh??

Once home, Ryan immediately passed out and after saying a few prayers, I did too. I hadn't even left my bed for nearly 24 hours but was also exhausted. Weird how that works, isn't it?!

The following day (Saturday, when we had planned to be totally done decorating! ha!) we got up bright and early and though I didn't feel well, I wasn't getting sick anymore and could at least walk, so I got after it. Ryan headed to Des Moines as soon as the sun came up to get more supplies and I headed to the reception hall with a few family members and Rach by my side, once again.

The DJ wanted to setup this day also so while he was doing this and pumping out the jams, we went over all the little things and got them in order and got the guestbook table setup, food tables prepared for the caterer, got the head table set up....

And once Ryan made it back, we got the overhang done! The guys worked their tails off and spent hours on those ladders but it looked even prettier than I had envisioned, honestly; it was perfect.

And it was actually starting to look like a reception in there!

We ended up calling it a day around 3-4 that afternoon because we had something else big going on that night...Rehearsal Dinner!! (my next post)

**To read more about my wedding planning chaos, click here


Kelsey Homolka said...

Eeek! I love this story! I'm sure you're going to send us a link to check out ALL of the pictures when you have time! If not, I demand a photo book thingy on the side of your blog with all the pictures ;)

Cayla Hess said...

OMG! That silver ribbon you have in the last picture is the exact ribbon we used for decorating!! We used it in turquoise and silver. Everything looks beautiful - from the pictures. And I'm soooo glad it worked out, though I'm sure you were stressed to the dickens! Can't wait to hear more :)

Audrie Is... said...

Oh Kelsey, you're too cute!! I dont really know how to do all that fancy stuff but I will try just for you :) A lot of the pictures will prob go up in the next couple posts anyway!! And if not, I'll track ya down on fbook and you can get the overload!! :) Hope you're having a great week and the weather isn't too bad..its really snowy here (had a snow day today!)

Audrie Is... said...

Really?! It's in the other picture too, with the vase and the reserved sign (its in the background) it was just like little rhinestones, I think we got it at Nobbie's or something?? Another friend used something similar too! Bling bling

Miss B. Leigh said...

It looks so pretty, Audrie!!! I'm so sorry you had to be sick... I got sick on NYE as well. It seems like everyone had that awful flu that was going around. It just doesn't seem fair that the BRIDE has to get it too!! It turned out beautifully... Absolutely gorgeous.

xoxo Britt

Jamie said...

Gorgeous pictures. What a beautiful day.

Elle Sees said...

just found and followed through the blog hop! the pics look so pretty so far! i can't wait to sit down and read it all once you're finished.