Tuesday, January 29, 2013

wedding recapping! {the countdown}

Ok, so I have no idea where to start on this whole blogging about the wedding process and right now it seems like a lot to do (and I don't have our wedding pictures back yet!) so I decided to rewind a little bit and recap it into a few posts, making it easier on me, allowing more detail, and allowing more time for the pictures to come in. So, it will probably go in this order, or something similar just as a heads up...

1. The Countdown to The Big Day (Part 1)
2. "        "                 "    "      "          (Part 2)
3. Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner
4. Our Wedding Day (getitng ready, ceremony, reception)
5.Decorations and Personal Touches
6. Honeymoon Part 1{Tahiti}
7. Honeymoon Part 2 {Bora Bora}
8. Honeymoon Part 3 {Bora Bora}
9. ...and something else exciting that happened in the mix of all that ^^

Phew...that's A LOT of recapping for me and a lot of reading for you! So bear with me through all of this (this blog is for me after all) or peaceout for a little while and I'll be back with my random thoughts, recipes, and puppy pictures ASAP!

So let's get this started, shall we?

As you already know, New Year's Eve happened to fall on a Monday this year. Who gets married on a Monday? :) Anyway, we were supposed to be able to get in and start decorating for the reception the Wednesday prior. Well, as things turned out, we found out Tuesday night we weren't going to be able to get in until Thursday at 2:30 due to other circumstances.

So you know me, I was in a small panic over the deal because I had laid my plans so perfectly for decorating that it made me nervous about being in a time crunch and running out of hours. But with still having plenty of time and some good friends, I got over it in a hurry. I didn't fret about Wednesday, but instead looked forward to getting in there Thursday and instead spent Wednesday doing smaller things.

So fast forward a couple days...

That day (Thursday) a few of us showed up and were ready to get to work. We didn't get in right when we were told to be there, but I quickly forgot about it. First thing first, we needed to start moving tables and chairs around and switching the ones provided with the ones we had ordered instead; they were much nicer and also round rather than rectangle. It doesn't sound like much but honestly, this took HOURS. The tables/chairs we had ordered were outside (it was like negative degrees out on top of this!) in a trailer so we had to bring those in, and then restock the trailer with the others. Exhausting is a good word, but we were getting it done.

I ended up having to leave for a few hours that evening to go get Ryan's wedding gift done (more on that later) but it was already planned ahead of time and I couldn't cancel. I felt terrible doing this, but I seriously have some of the best friends and family who stayed to help setup stuff until I could get back. Then, later that evening my bff Rachel and also Ryan's brother and I went back out for round 2...or 3...or 4. We ended up getting all the tables put where they needed to go and table clothes put on all the tables plus everything carried in decoration wise. It doesn't sound like much but it is much more time consuming than you would think--we were there until around 12:30 am!

Around this time the flu started hitting everyone hard in our small town. It seemed like EVERYONE was getting sick, but I didn't think much of it as I NEVER get the flu --seriously haven't had the actual flu in yeeears. But my mother had gone to babysit my sick nephew which in turn spiraled down. I woke up that Friday morning around 5am sicker than sick. I was SO sick, I literally could not keep anything down. And no matter how many times I threw up, I never felt better. I'm not sure if this strand of flu was worse than others but I felt like death warmed up. It was absolutely terrible.

I didn't know what to do (besides cry, get sick, and cry some more) but ended up sending Ryan, some family, and Rach and Daniel (her bf and also an usher) out there again to decorate. I felt bad leaving for a couple hours the night prior, but I felt 100x worse having them decorate for my wedding with me not even there. Seriously the most helpless feeling. If I was just getting sick every hour or so and felt semi-better in between I would have gone in an instant and helped or at least given direction, but I didn't even trust myself to walk to the living room, let alone drive. And not to mention, the LAST thing I wanted to happen was have my groom or bridesmaids get sick!

So there they were, left with an open room with only tables and chairs set up, decorations in boxes that weren't labeled and a going off a plan that was in my head... miles away!

Helene in Between

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Cayla Hess said...

YIPEE! I'm so excited for this. HATE that the flu hit you, seriously - what rotten timing girl! I can't wait to see how the decorations turned out though :)