Tuesday, December 31, 2013

saying goodbye to the best year yet. {2013 in review}

I have laid in bed counting my blessings a million times before, but on this day, of this year, it's hard not to multiply that by 100 and thank God for everything that has happened in the past 365 days.
2013 has been, by far, the best year of my entire life.
Last year on this date, I got to marry my best friend and celebrate with friends and family. Literally, up until that point, I had never had a better day in my 25 years on earth. I was so full of love, excitement, nervousness, and every other emotion I can think of that I thought I might burst. Walking down that aisle and thinking "this is it, this is your forever you've waited for" is a feeling I imagine people only get once in their entire lives and I was so happy to be experiencing it. Our day played out exactly as planned, and our evening/night did as well. We both felt so much love for each other and everyone that came to celebrate with us it was truly a "once in a lifetime" experience.

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We came home from our reception exhausted (mentally and physically) but knew the excitement wasn't over yet...
We had a day to recuperate and get our things together before we were off on our honeymoon!
24 hours after leaving our house and 16 hours of flying time later we arrived to the most beautiful place in the entire world...French Polynesia (more specifically Tahiti and Bora Bora). We spent the next two weeks soaking in the sun and not having a care in the world. We spent our days snorkeling, kayaking, swimming off our bungalow, and laying out. We got to see sea turtles and sting rays daily, plus many many other underwater creatures.  Our nights were spent having dinner on our bungalow deck over the most serene waters. Words cannot explain exactly how beautiful and peaceful it was. And getting it spend it all with my best friend? Priceless. As I have said before, I never felt more in love than I did on our honeymoon. We had absolutely nothing to stress about, everything to be thankful for, and nothing but time and attention to give to one another, all while enjoying the trip of a lifetime. It was perfect in every way.

Shortly after arriving home, we experienced yet another day in my life I will never ever forget. Though we were trying, and though my period was a day late...we were both excited yet hesitant to get our hopes up when Ryan brought me home a pregnancy test one Tuesday morning...
 We were pregnant!
Once again, words cannot possibly describe the feeling that came over me when I walked in the bathroom and saw the word "pregnant". Our life had changed in an instant. We instantly went from 2 people who had just gotten married and decided to try for a baby thinking it would take awhile (I once read somewhere it takes the average couple 5 months to conceive) to 2 people who had a baby coming in just 9 months..and this, the wedding, and honeymoon all happened in a month! Life was certainly happening around here..literally...and it was only February.

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The next few months were relatively calm compared to the first month of the year besides the fact that I was battling horrible morning sickness. (Just for the record--it was all worth it.)
Then summer rolled around and I got to be the Maid of Honor in my best friend's wedding. In January, I hadn't taken into account what being 28 weeks pregnant would feel or look like in a bridesmaids dress in July, but besides that, I loved every minute of it. Is there any better honor you can get from a best friend?! To this day I still smile just thinking about it!

The following month I got showered by friends and family with baby gifts, once again reminding me just how blessed/loved/lucky/thankful I am....

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Just a couple months passed and before I could blink, it was October..the month our sweet baby girl was due to arrive.
On October 15th at 12:53am the best thing in the world happened to me...I gave birth to the most beautiful, perfect, precious, sweet, little baby girl....

Milania weighed 7lbs 2oz and was 21 inches long...and...she was perfect.

I never knew just how much my life was missing until this sweet little baby was placed on my chest, blue and crying, so helpless and so dependent on her mommy. It is a feeling unlike any other. And on that day, I knew God had been directing my life with a reason..there is no other explanation for such a perfect baby that is all mine. (and part Ryan's ;) )

So today, tonight, I get to celebrate not only the best year of my life coming to an end, but also a 1 year anniversary to my best friend. To say this year has been the best year of my life is cutting it short. I am blessed beyond words and measure. 2013 will always be my favorite chapter.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

...the mommy of a 2 month old!

My, my, my..where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday we were walking into the hospital with clammy hands, nervous about the day ahead, yet so anxious to meet our baby girl. Now, she's 2 months and old and changing so much each day I can barely keep up!

So what has the little miss been up to this past month?

Holds her head up for longer periods at a time unassisted
Will bear weight on her legs
Follows sounds/toys/people with her eyes and head
Smiles to the point of ALMOST laughing
Has started to coo...just today she was cooing more than she has any other day so she's definitely getting good at it.
Recognizes Ryan and I's faces

We're still working on this :) Some nights she will give me a 4 hour stretch early on in the night then she is up every hour or two from there on out but other nights she is up every hour or two throughout the entire night, so we definitely don't have anything that resembles a "sleep pattern" yet. The good news is that she DOES know the difference between day and night--when she does wake up in the night its usually to eat or just to be soothed back to sleep, she never really wakes up and is alert and ready to party thank goodness.

Ay, ay, ay :( She's having a hard time still. I finally caved and took her to the Dr. a couple of weeks ago just to make sure that all this screaming was "normal" and there wasn't an underlying issue. Her ped seemed to think it was normal and suggested she might have acid reflux. She prescribed her some Prevacid and I was supposed to be giving that to her 2 times a day. Well I did it for almost 2 weeks and never noticed a difference, so instead of continuting to pump her little body full of medicine that doesn't seem to be working I quit giving it to her this week. We go back to the Dr. on Friday and I will see what she thinks then. I'm praying to God that she outgrows it VERY soon, as it's miserable for all of us :( We literally don't take her anywhere at this point (except to our parents who know what she's like anyway) because it is more stressful on all of us and our time is spent trying to calm her instead of enjoying wherever we are. I wouldn't mind going to church or even Target with her soon though so I'm hoping it will go away just to give us a little bit more normalcy back in our lives. Poor gal.

She is still in size 1 diapers and is now wearing all 0-3 month clothing. Some sleepers are still a little too big but she is far too long and chunky for newborn so we're making do until she fills them out a little more! I'm curious to see what she weighs at her appt Friday but I'm thinking around 11-12lbs. Of course that's just a guess!

Miss Milania enjoys cuddling, silly noises, and mobiles. She really enjoys the mobile hanging on her swing and will just smile away when we put her in there. Ryan always says to her "lets see what your monkeys are up to today" and puts her in there and she just goes into a zone staring up at them. She likes them so much that we asked for a mobile for her crib from Bob and Tammy for Christmas. We mentioned it on a Sunday night and by Tuesday night she had a mobile hanging in her crib..she is certainly loved. So she has been enjoying that mobile during the day too (lord knows we can't get her into her crib for sleep quite yet). She also loves her baths and getting her diaper changed--sometimes they're the only things that will calm her down!

Ryan and I
We went on our first date this past week! We went to see a movie (Catching Fire) and then grabbed some food, and ran an errand before heading home. Bob and Tammy watched her for us and though I knew she was in good hands, I was still a nervous wreck and kept checking my phone and the time to see how much longer until we could get back home. I have left her a few times before but this was definitely the longest stretch to date and it was hard on this mama! The following Sunday, Curt, Ryan, and myself also went Christmas shopping which ended up being about the same amount of time, and went about the same way...me checking my phone and hurrying everyone so we could get home. Surely it will get easier to leave her, right?!

In general...
I think we are all adjusting to our new life very well. The screaming has been a little hard on all of us this past month but we are hoping to get through that soon. And besides that, she is the sweetest little thing. She LOVES nothing more than to lay on her side right up against my chest in bed or on the couch. She certainly thinks her umbilical cord is still connected ;) She melts our hearts over and over again every day with her huge smiles and coo's and we're looking forward to another healthy/happy month ahead!

Here are some pictures of the little miss from the past month...enjoy!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

spending the Christmas season with The Grinch

We celebrated our first Christmas of the season last weekend! Normally this is one of my favorite Christmases anyway, but this year it was extra special because we had an extra one in tow :) It was our first Christmas as a family of three!!
We had our Paris cousins Christmas at Uncle Rod's this weekend. Everyone brought a dish of food/snacks, we had a gift exchange, and all chatted.
All of the grandkids and great grandkids with Grandma
Notice The Grinch in the back left...
I would like to say we all enjoyed ourselves and had a merry ol' time, but that would be a lie. In true Milania fashion, she wasn't feeling festive and screamed through Christmas...the entire thing...even pictures :). We stayed as long as we could but ended up leaving the party early to try to settle her down and get back to our own house.
1 down, several more to go!