Saturday, December 29, 2012

a busybody!

I'm getting married in T-2 days!!!!
{and have the flu :(...}
Sorry for the apparent lack of blogging lately, but I will back to the same old same old after this is over with and we are home from our honeymoon!! I hope you all have great weekends and a safe New Year!!

ps-I will try to write up a sneak peak/short recap of the wedding on the plane if my crazy butt can't sleep for some reason. But even if I don't get that up...guess who has a guest blogger post for you all coming up SOON?! :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

making Oreo truffles.

Ryan has been asking me to make these all Christmas Season and I haven't given in...until last night. I kept seeing the pictures of them flying around Pinterest and figured while we were grocery shopping I might as well get the stuff...2 hours later, we were stuffing our faces with Oreo truffles. So here is how I make my Oreo truffles--a recipe from Ryan's sister.

Oreo Truffles

1 package Oreo's
1 package cream cheese
1/2 bar Almond Bark

1. Set out the cream cheese to room temperature.
2. Mash Oreo's into fine pieces/crumbs. I just use a spoon in a big bowl to do this but I know there are several gadgets out there that will do this too.
3. Combine Oreo's and cream cheese with mixer until completely blended.

4. Form the mixture into small balls and place on cookie sheet

5. Refrigerate for an hour
6. After the cookie balls are firm, melt the almond bark to dipping consistency. (I usually do this in the microwave, though I know my grandma would die knowing I wasn't using a "double boiler")
7. Dip cookie balls in almond bark and place on wax paper to dry. If you want to sprinkle them, do it while they are still wet.
8. Let harden, and enjoy!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

getting married in 20 days!

I’ve procrastinated long enough that I think this will be the last  official “Wedding Update” post I have! We’re now mid-December and just 20 days out…aka, I need to get busy doing instead of busy writing. So here is everything we have gotten done in the last month or so!
Warning: this is long.

Ryan’s Ringü
we ordered this about a month ago and got to pick it up a couple weeks ago. I don’t have a picture of it yet but it’s pretty neat.

Rings sauteredü

We dropped off my ring last weekend to have it sautered, sized, and a diamond replaced. So I have been ringless for a week+ now :( but will get it back Friday!

I had ordered this a LONG time ago and it finally came in about a week ago. It is definitely my favorite accessory and I plan on wearing that baby alllllll night. I just love it and think it’s perfect and made for me.

I finally got this last week (earrings), but I still don’t have my bracelet. L

We had a final sit-down lunch with the people providing our alcohol (J&C’s) and got everything finalized. We ordered lots of different kinds of beer—even Miller Lite—WHO drinks Miller Lite?! And also lots of liquors; Jack, Captain, Jose, BV, a few vodka’s, etc. You know me though, we also had to get stuff to make my Sex on the Beaches, Bloody Mary’s, and margaritas too. How will I decide which to drink?! Just kidding, I actually don’t plan on drinking much, if any. But it’s there if I change my mind and there for everyone else.

Catering ü
I had another consultation with our caterer today also. We went over menu items again, touched base on tables/chair rentals, etc. She is really awesome and I totally trust her, which makes my life MUCH easier.

We (kind of) got this finalized just today. We had our last meeting with Father Mike about 2 weeks ago and were given lots of homework to take home and read. We ended up picking out our vows and readings during this time. Then today, we met with him again and got it all approved and went over ceremony order. The only real thing left to do for this is to talk to our organist and pick out music selections. What did you guys use?! Does anyone care to share?? I am clueless!
Dress alterationsü
I am in the middle of this as we speak! I think I’m on about my 5th one now—picky bride, I suppose. Or just smaller chested than I fake…however you want to look at it. J The seamstress has done wonderful though and every time I see it looks more beautiful than I remember.  I’m so excited to get my whole ensemble put together and on me—I hope it’s as pretty as I’m envisioning.

Rehearsal dinnerü
Today I finalized the menu (via email), gave a final headcount, and picked out table clothes and linens. I’ve been busy today, can you tell?!

ll the guys got sized and we sent in all the measurements last week.

Done, done, done. This was certainly a process! Listen, I know some girls know EXACTLY (ahem, Cassie) what kind of flowers they want but I seriously had no idea. Like I knew I wanted white and rhinestone accents, but that’s about all the more I knew.  I literally was just looking at books of flowers and asking what each kind was called and trying to picture them all in a bouquet in my head. Naturally, I liked THE most expensive one and it is the smallest…meaning it would take lots to fill my bouquet. I finally decided I wanted it anyway (just in smaller quantities) and just today she told me that they haven’t been blooming very nice this winter and I may not be able to use them. (ha!) I basically just said “Ok, pick something else for me!” She has been absolutely awesome in this whole process though and today when I went to check up on some things I was MORE than impressed, so I know my bouquet will be beautiful no matter what. I definitely made the right decision in florists.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, that I will be wearing my Grandma’s garter but I also bought 2 other ones…one that is a little more “me” but I ordered two of it. I figured I would want one to keep, and I also need one for Ryan to toss. So I’m three garters deep now. J I won’t be wearing all three at once though, obviously. I will wear mine and my grandmother’s during the ceremony, slip them off in the limo and slip on the toss one instead.

Marriage Licenseü
we applied for this today and it will be ready to go by the end of the week!

Hair trialü
I’m not sure when I last updated you on this but I had this awhile ago and absolutely loved it. No second trial needed.

Flower girl flowersü
I sent Ryan’s dad in search of these today…can you imagine?!  He literally called me 4 times to make sure he was getting the right thing and I think I made him a nervous wreck when I couldn’t decide between white and silver J (Ps-we can’t use real flowers in the church) 
Honeymoon Packingü
Ok, ok, call me crazy but we have already begun this. Mainly because our guest bedrooms are CONSUMED with wedding stuff and I was afraid our suitcases would get lost. Ok, thats a lie. But seriously because we have had to buy a few things (power adapter, water shoes, etc) and I have nowhere else to put them except a suitcase. And because, lezzbehonest, I'm not going to wear my swimsuits or sundresses anytime soon. And well...because I'm excited.

Here are a few things that needed to be done like yesterday still need done:
  • Round up the rest of our wedding party gifts
  • Get some small things for reception/decorations I've  yet to buy...specifically small frames. Minor, huh?
  • Pick up marriage license
  • Put together a picture list for photographer
  • Find rehearsal dinner outfits
  • Put together song list for DJ
  • Write and send in program information to be printed
  • Thank-you’s—I want to use a picture on these so there’s not much I can do with them yet except get the wording written but I'm having anxiety about not being able to work on them yet. What is wrong with me?!
  • Have my dress/veil pressed
  • Finish wedding party "How I Know's" for table at reception
  • Finish honeymoon packing/buying

So for now you can find me hustling and bustling around town, on the phone making phone calls, or with my head burried in a pillow because I can't believe this is all happening in the NEXT 20 DAYS. I-cannot-wait.

ps-I know this seems pretty detailed, long, and probably crazy, but seriously, this blog is for yours truly and I want to remember ALL the details of my crazy life and this crazy wedding planning. It's nice I can share it all with my readers and I know some people like reading it, but at the end of the day, it is for me. And that's why I put so much time and details into most posts.

Over and out. :)