Sunday, September 9, 2012

giving a wedding update!

Hello!! Before I begin, I want to say I hope you all had wonderful and safe weekends. It seems like the summer temps have officially left us and were in full swing fall around here..which means football...and tailgating :) But no matter how you spent your weekend or beginning of fall, I hope it was fun!

Next is me apologizing for neglecting this poor blog of mine. With school starting back up and our weekends being hectic as of late, it is hard to make any time to blog. But those are all excuses..I will do better! Oh, and Ryan won't be home with me anymore (insert sad face) so I will definitely have more time soon considering I live like a Bachelorette when he's cooking, less laundry and cleaning, etc.

So finally, here are my July and August accomplishments:

Save the Dates ü
I have to start off with my biggest accomplishment--we got Save the Dates sent out!! This was such a relief, I can't even explain! I STILL have 3 I have not sent out because Ryan is in charge of getting their addresses (hmmm) but besides that, they are done, done, done! My bff Rachel and I spent HOURS one night writing addresses on the cards and I've spent HOURS getting all the watching all those go out was such a sigh of relief. Oh, and I'm super happy with how they turned out too :)

Transportation ü
We ended up going with a Limo service that is semi-close to home and I'm so pleased with how it all worked out. We will be providing transportation for the wedding party all day, and also transportation for guests from the reception site to their homes later in the evening through the entire night --remember it is New Year's Eve.

Alcohol ü
Because, lezbehonest, it's important. Thanks to a friend and many days laying out this summer, we got it all figured out--we are offering beer and a liquor assortment. Double check!

Wedding Cake/cupcakes ü

After a few discussions on what to do in this category, Ryan and I decided to go with cupcakes for guests and a small cake for us--the best of both worlds. We did this for a couple reasons. 1) Ryan and I are not big sweets people. I don't think I have ever even made a cake the entire time we've been together. I like brownies on occasion, and Ryan will eat Chocolate Chip cookies sometimes, but we never have them in the house or think about making them, so it doesn't really matter to us either way. 2) Because I have always liked the look of cupcakes scattered on a table and stands as opposed to a wedding cake. And plus, doesn't a cupcake look much better on a plate than a slab of cake falling all over the place?! 3) because we could pick SEVERAL flavors as opposed to just a few. And yes, we went crazy with them! Chocolate with peanut butter filling? Strawberry with lemon cream?

Flower Girl Dress ü
Ryan and I legit spent a whole day searching for the perfect flower girl dress and came up empty handed. In general, I just didn't like the look of ANY I could find. I either wanted something that semi-matched mine, or something very NYE-like and I kept coming up empty handed. Finally, lying in bed one night I got to looking on my phone and found the perfect dress. I sent it to my cousins the next day and asked their opinions, and there it was born...Faye's dress. It certainly is not a traditional flower girl dress, but it is perfect for the occasion and I can't wait for everyone to see it. Oh, and what makes it even more special? When Faye first saw it and got to put it on she said "This is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen" to Ryan. <3 p="p">

Bridesmaids Shoes ü
Found these online and they match the dresses to a I'm happy and hopefully their feet are happy! :)

My Wedding Shoes ü
I also ordered these online and they are gorgeous (in my humble opinion). I seriously get them out and look at them once a day. They match my dress perfectly, and are just very feminine and...perfect. I ordered them in Italian sizing, which obviously is WAY different, but after a few feet measurements and conversion charts, the size that came were the perfect fit. I am a happy girl!

Garter ü
My grandpa passed away when I was in high school, and my mom and her sisters just recently decided to move my grandma into assisted living, as she is no longer able to fully care for herself (though she disagrees). When they were moving her and getting rid of all of her stuff, they stumbled across her wedding box and out came the perfect??

Registering ü
I posted all about this a couple weeks ago; click here to read it.

Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower Dates Set ü
After talking to all the girls and figuring out what dates work best for everyone, we have decided and reserved everything needed for both events! My Bridal Shower is October 21st, and the Bachelorette Party is November 24th--of course, invites will be going out for these! I can't even lie, those of you that know me, know that I am MORE than excited for the Bachelorette party. :) #partypantson

Decorations ü
Besides all the big things, I have still been on my wedding grind and trying to take care of smaller things along the way. One big, small, thing was ordering vases and candle holders. I ordered these in bulk and literally have filled a guest bedroom with boxes of them!

Last but not least...

Ryan and I have booked our Honeymoon!!! üüüüüüü
Though we are not telling anyone where we are going, I will give you a clue :)


St. Lucia

North Carolina



Bora Bora

It could be any one of those places...or none of them :) But I am SO excited, I cannot wait!! With that, we also have gotten our
Passports ü  (Ryan has his, mine is technically on the way)
swimsuits ü
swim trunks ü
snorkel gear ü

So, I hope that got you all up-to-date on where we are with the wedding planning! It sure is a lot of work, but I wouldn't change my decision for the world. I cannot wait for the day to come! Only 3.5 more months!

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