Tuesday, August 7, 2012

...Wedding Dress Fiasco (Part 3: The BEST Day)

My Wedding Dress Fiasco...continued.
Part 3: The BEST Day

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Waking up Monday morning, I felt much better than I did the day previous. I had gotten a full night's sleep and was rested up mentally and physically, allowing me to think more clearly and not be such a crazypants. Though the anxiety over the "right" dress hadn't completely faded, I did feel much better about the situation and didn't feel as though I could cry at any minute as I did the day before.

I got up, ate some breakfast, looked at the pictures and contemplated what to do for quite some time. Finally, I decided I would put my swimsuit on and spend the day laying out..that's where I do my best thinking, after all :) As I got ready for soaking in the rays, it just came to me that I needed to call and talk to someone and see if there was anything I even could do about it. I still wasn't 100% sold on it, though I felt better about it, and thought that was my best option at this point.

I was literally pacing back and forth calling the place, trying to plan what I would say and how I would react if they said there was nothing they could do.

Riiiiing, riiiiiing, riiiiiing....no answer. "What?!" I thought, "how could this place NOT answer on a Monday, or even worse, not be open?!" "My dress will be already in the making by the time I get ahold of them on Tuesday."

Finally, a machine answered and said they were busy helping other customers blah blah blah and to leave a message. Everything I had planned to say went out the window about this time and I just left my name and number and said I had a question...sounds good, right?

Hours went by and nobody called me back. I didn't want to call and bother them again because I was afraid if they WERE with someone and I interrupted that, they may give me a short "no" out of frustration or hurry instead of thinking about what they could do.

Finally, my phone rang and on the other end was the owner. She apologized for not getting back to me right away and said she is the only one that returns the calls for business purposes and often gets caught up. She asked what I was calling for...so it began.

I immediately started telling her that I had bought a dress less than 48 hours before and was having second thoughts about it and I wasn't sure why, and was wondering what we could do, if anything. Though she was kind, her first reaction was something along the lines of "all sales are final" and "you signed a contract saying you recognized this" etc. Trying my hardest not to turn on the tear factory, I couldn't help it. I immediately started crying again! What is wrong with me?!

In my own defense, I think these tears of confusion swayed her though. She started asking me questions about WHY I didn't like it and started comparing a wedding dress to other life situations that really didn't make sense to me but I was going with it. Finally, she said "I just submitted your order this morning, I'm sure I can cancel it if I do it right away." Halle freakin' lujah!

She then told me that because I had already signed the contract and went through with the entire process, that my money had to stay there. Basically, she would cancel my order, and I could find/order another dress but she couldn't give me a refund. I know it doesn't sound like the BEST deal, but honestly, I was ecstatic! I assured her I had no other dresses in mind and hadn't looked somewhere else and wanted their dress instead, I just wasn't sold on the one I had picked out. She then told me they were closed on Wednesday and she wanted me to come up then and try to figure out something. I obliged.

The next two days I think I had a little hop in my step. Though I was back at square one and no longer had a wedding dress, I was thrilled I got to go through the process again and "double" make sure I liked it this time!

Wednesday rolled around and this time, I had decided to go 100% alone. I didn't take any friends, or my mom or sister...I was going shopping like I always do--me, myself, and I. I wasn't nervous, I wasn't excited, I just felt at ease this time and it was such a great feeling compared to the last week's rollercoaster of emotions.

As I got up there and noticed someone coming to the door to unlock it for me, I was more than thrilled to see the same girl there that had helped me the first time around. I cannot say enough good things about Cassie. She was truly one of the sweetest people and most patient people I have ever met...on both occasions! This was icing on the cake.

As I waltzed in, Cassie asked me what had happened and why I didn't like my other one. She was talking to me like a friend and not like a customer and I gave her the whole speal (sp?). After listening to me, she really surprised me when she said "When you bought the last dress, I remember you saying it wasn't what you pictured yourself in." How crazy is that, it was like I KNEW. Though I don't remember saying that, her telling me I did really stuck out to me.

Finally she said we had the whole store to ourselves and all day to find "The ONE." We immediately started pulling dresses to try on. I am not kidding you...I literally pulled every dress in that store off the hanger and looked at it to decide if it was a go or not. Once we had TONS lining the dressing room wall, I started trying them on.

I started with the dress I had purchased already. After trying it on, I realized why I liked it the first time, but I also still felt the same way. After thinking about it a lot, what it all boiled down to was that I didn't like the dress itself, but rather I liked how it fit. It literally hugged in all the right places and fit like a glove. It was flattering and pretty, but not perfect. I pushed that aside the first time though, seeing how well it fit. The second time though, I was smarter and realized EVERY dress would fit perfectly once altered and I have to see past the clips and ivory coloring on some that I didn't like as much or thought weren't as flattering.

Anyway, I spent the next several hours trying on dresses, veils, and accessories. Cassie had to be my unfortunate "helper" this time and help me get every one on just right and pulled just tight but she did it--and while I was ewwing and awwing at some, she was even on the computer printing other dresses off for me that we could order or that were similar. Seriously, this girl deserves a pay raise!

Eventually, as I was trying on a certain dress, Cassie said to me..."This was the very first dress you picked out last time you were here but you never tried it on." Had I really picked out the SAME dress twice, through SO many dresses? And why had I not tried it on last time?

Well, the story is quite simple. I had picked it out first last time and it was hung on the rack. As I picked out more and more dresses, the first one, two, three had gotten pushed back and were to be the last ones I tried on. Well, when finding my last dress and being happy with it...I decided to not even try on the others...leaving this poor thing to be stranded!

I'm not kidding you, as I tried it on, it made my heart skip a little. It fit me even more perfect than the first one had and was absolutely ME and everything I had pictured myself in this entire time. It was elegant, classy, timeless...perfect.

Though I didn't want to get overly excited about it, I really thought this was "the one" this time...really. I wore it around forever, sat down in it, spun in it, tried different veils on in it..everything you can think of! It just seemed perfect and I like nothing else compared to it.

After deciding this was it, we talked about different options having it made and a few things we could do differently to make it even more perfect and by that time, I was absolutely sold on it..and kicking myself in the butt for not trying it on the first time!

I was so excited I knew which dress I wanted, yet I didn't wanting to jump the gun again; I told her I wanted to take a bazillion pictures and then decide in the next week or two..that way I wouldn't be back up there again doing the same thing I had just hours previous. She agreed with me and so I left the bridal store with no dress ordered, but knowing I had the one.

As time passed, I looked at my dress every.single.day. I literally tried to find one flaw in it,something I didn't like, and I couldn't; I loved it THAT much. And the best part? I hadn't second guessed it one time in 2 whole weeks! Finally, I called back up there and....

Ordered my dress!!

I am so so so excited to see it again, put it on, and wear it!! I want SO badly to show you all what it looks like but I obviously can't do that!! I promise though, you will be on picture overload once NYE arrives!!

Until October, when she will be done and at my first fitting, she sits underneath a sewing machine waiting. And I sit staring at a few measly pictures of her! :)

If I were to give a little bit of advice to other brides, I would say these few things:

1. First, go by yourself. I know all the hype is around having everyone you love with you and sharing the special day with the wedding party, but in all seriousness, you are not buying the dress for anyone but yourself. When it all breaks down, some may like it and some may not...but that doesn't matter, the dress is for YOU. Take them to your first fitting, or even take them when you have it narrowed down to just a few to help you decide..don't drag them all along going in blind..you will be on overload with opinions, I promise you that!

2. Do NOT buy a dress on the first time looking. If you're anything like me, you will get caught up in the moment and later regret your decision to jump the gun! There are SO many options and SO many things you may not catch the first time. Plus, I think you're on a natural high anyway and sometimes highs make your judgement a little clouded.

3. Try to stick with small business shops--not corporate shops such as David's Bridal. There is NO WAY a consultant from David's Bridal would have let me in on a day they were closed and let me have the whole store to myself, nor would they have even taken the time to listen to me cry about how I didn't like my dress just 48 hours later. I believe the customer service at small businesses is huge!