Saturday, December 29, 2012

a busybody!

I'm getting married in T-2 days!!!!
{and have the flu :(...}
Sorry for the apparent lack of blogging lately, but I will back to the same old same old after this is over with and we are home from our honeymoon!! I hope you all have great weekends and a safe New Year!!

ps-I will try to write up a sneak peak/short recap of the wedding on the plane if my crazy butt can't sleep for some reason. But even if I don't get that up...guess who has a guest blogger post for you all coming up SOON?! :)


KellyAnne Scott said...

Good luck!!!! And Congratulations! I hope you feel better!

Kasey said...

yay for getting married in 2 days!!! and nay for the flu :(

I hope you start feeling better asap so you can enjoy your special day without feeling all flu-like
I think even if you are still under the weather on your wedding day, you won't even notice because it'll be the best day of your life :)
Congrats! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :-D