Tuesday, October 30, 2012

September & October's Wedding Planning Update

Well, well, well...here I am yet again scurrying at the end of the month to give you all an update on how the wedding planning is coming along and what we've gotten done these last couple months.

So, without further ado....I bring to you....(Name that song?!)

First and foremost, the most important part of this entire process got completed just yesterday! We got invitations sent out!! I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of stress this takes off my shoulders; seeing all those invitations leave my house forever was such a sigh of relief! I had to round up a few troops to get them done, but I sure have some wonderful people in my life who were willing to give up several of their evenings to help me (major props to the bestie who helped SEVERAL nights) and I cannot say "thank you" enough to those who did--it means SO much!

**I will put a finished product picture up later this week when everyone has received theirs**

Rehearsal Dinner Invitationsü
Thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law we (she) also got these taken care of. They haven't been mailed yet, as we were waiting for the invitations to go out first, but they are in good hands. :)

What's a wedding without koozies, on koozies, on koozies?

Wedding Dress, Veil, Sashü
My dress finally came in a few weeks ago!! I was SO excited to get it, and it still looks just as pretty as I remembered, maybe even prettier!! It fit me like a glove and I didn't want to take it off. It hasn't been altered yet, but hopefully that will happen in the next couple weeks. Also, once it came in, I got to buy/order my sash and veil. Unfortunately, they said the sash wouldn't be done until AFTER my wedding because it is hand-beaded, so I had to buy the one at the store, which was kind of a bummer but oh well. The veil, on the other hand, might be my favorite part of the whole ensemble!! I never knew there were SO many choices in veils and had never really looked at them seriously before. After having my dress on and trying on waaaay too many, I finally ordered a custom one to meet the lengths I wanted and the style I wanted. It is not in yet, but should be in a few weeks!! Aaaah!! So excited to see it!

Anyway, we got these picked out also! We had to make a couple of appointments and order a few in to "try" out, but we finally decided which ones we were going with just last Thursday. We ended up choosing solid black, white undershirts, square toed shoes, silver vests, and coordinating ties in the same colors, just different levels depending on who they were going on. (The wedding party is all the same-more silver; dads are slightly different-more black; Ryan's is slightly different-more white).

Guest Bookü
I may have told you all about this awhile back but I am so excited about it! We decided to go a very nontraditional route and veered away from a typical book and pen, and went for wine corks. Yes folks, wine corks. We are going to have every guest (or family) sign their name on a wine cork in permanent marker and then throw them into a huge vase. We will then have lots of wine corks to decorate our house with...bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc. I was even thinking of trying a Pinterest project to make a "B" out of them if we have enough..isn't that fun? I've been carrying around 10 of them in my purse to test out vases at various stores and I always get a little embarrassed opening it up in front of cashiers--I'm sure they're convinced I'm a drunk wine-o.

We also finally got in all our glassware for the table tops this week. The store we ordered some from had actually put them out on the shelves because they had been there so long and we hadn't picked them up yet--even though we had already paid for it! #brideproblems #notime Nonetheless, we got them and I have some pretty awesome help who has volunteered to take them all and soak them in the treatments that smell like gasoline to get them sparkly clean and smudge free!

Champagne Flutesü
Here I am, thanking Ryan's sister once again. She bought us these awesome champagne flutes for the big day!! Aren't they gorgeous?


Ring Bearer Pillow & Flower Girl Basketü
I had a hard time finding black, but I finally found it online. Now all I have to do is add some snowflakes to the flower girl basket and we're good to go! Aren't they cute?!

We've done really well in this area the last two weekends. Ryan and I have been slaving away and shopping for reception decor every weekend we have free and have come up with some pretty good stuff. My favorite??

These HUGE champagne bottles filled with confetti. Perfect for NYE!

"100% Happy" :)

We've also got some other small (and boring) things done:
flower girl shoes
led lights for vases
snowflakes, snowflakes, and more snowflakes
Christmas lights
..and probably a million other things I don't feel like listing :)

So thank you to everyone who has made this possibe so far and given their time and resources to help it all come together!!

Only 62 more days!!!!

My special thanks this update definitely goes out to Rachel, who has done far more than is expected of her and who has shown what exactly best friends are for over and over again. She is not just there for hours on end doing invitations with me and laughing about how many we have messed up, but also there when I call her at 11pm crying about nonsense. That, my friends, is a true best friend!

And my other thanks goes out to Ryan's sister, Sarah, for all she has done and helped with! Though she is not here physically, she has done SO much for us lately and I cannot say thank you enough--we owe her the world right now!

So thank you--I love you both!

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