Thursday, April 12, 2012


Can you see my crow's feet, wrinkles on my forehead, or gray hair? :)

Yes, it is true; I am a whopping 25 years old--a quarter century!! I am officially too old to be on The Real World, too old to be caught purchasing Cosmo magazine, and too old to go to the Iowa City bars, but just old enough to rent a car and still young enough to stay on my parents insurance--winning!

I was a lucky girl this year in that I got to share my birthday with the resurrection of Jesus. Yes, my birthday was on Easter this year. To some, this may be a complete downer, but I was pretty excited about it personally. I mean, I got to see the majority of my family, dress like an Easter egg, and have multiple celebration meals--the majority of them were for Easter, but I like to say they were actually for my birthday. :) Easter/my birthday was pretty special!! did I celebrate? Where did I celebrate? And who did I celebrate with?


Lets start with Thursday--afterall, it WAS "birthday weekend" all weekend! Thursday night a couple girls asked me to go to dinner with them. Feeling absolutely exhausted, I told them I had on workout clothes and no makeup and wasn't really in the mood, but after a few arm twists, they finally convinced me to get out. I didn't plan on staying out long, but after a couple drinks and no dinner, I was in it for the long haul. I spent the rest of the evening/night chatting away and talking about nonsense all while convincing myself I would be ok in the morning.


Then Friday morning came and I was definitely was regretting my decision to stay out all night. I spent the better part of Good Friday lounging around and catching up on TV shows--what I'm best at, then spent the afternoon trying to decide what to do (if anything) that evening. I knew one of my besties was coming home later that day and I HAD to get my butt in gear.

After a few texts from the girls telling me to get ready for "birthday weekend round 2" and another friend telling me to "bite the dog that bit me," a few of us ended up getting around and heading uptown for dinner. (Ryan chose to forego dinner and take a nap as he had only gotten a few hours of sleep the night before.) To our surprise, it seemed that ALL of our friends were already up there, or in the process of getting there. It was absolutely packed and there was only one table left--it was calling our names! The girls and I ended up getting some dinner, having my cousin meet us up there, and then having a few birthday drinks. Later in the evening, we even convinced my bff to get out of BED and come up for awhile!

We spent the better part of the night at one place, and then headed over to another to meet the rest of our friends and indulge in some #birthdayweekend champagne--that really happened. Ryan came and got us later that night and I stayed up super late talking to my cousin before finally calling it a wrap and heading to bed--I had a big day planned for the next day.


Ryan and I had made reservations in IC for my birthday supper several weeks previous. We had planned to spend the afternoon up there (or is it over?) doing various things, then go to dinner, then come home. Well a couple weeks after making reservations, we got asked if a pretty little girl (who I like to refer to as my flower girl) could spend the night with us. I had said yes, obviously, assuming we wouldn't get home too late, but the more and more I thought about it,the more and more I figured we probably should just stay closer to town to make it easier on all of us.

Well, when Saturday finally rolled around and I rolled over in bed to look at Ryan, he just KNEW I didn't feel like heading up there . It is a LONG car ride and quite frankly, "biting the dog that bit me" only lead me to feeling like I had been devoured not bitten! Also, with Faye coming, it just didn't seem to fit the equation anyway. So with that, I voted against IC and immediately called to cancel our reservations while trying to figure out what to do instead. I opted to spend the afternoon at home and then run to DM for a few things (that didn't require me putting myself together) and then spending the evening at home. That is exactly what we did.

We ran a few errands, ordered P.F. Chang's takeout for dinner, got home, and spent the evening in--a far cry from what I had originally planned but oh-so-perfect. We hung out on the couch watching tv and talking and laughing at Faye while she played with the puppies for HOURS. Bella certainly got a run for her money in the energy department and Faye was quite amazed that they would "sit" on command for her. It was fun watching her play but we all had to get to bed early--the Easter bunny was coming in the morning and I had to be ready to celebrate my actual birthday!

Sunday (My birthday/Easter)

Sunday morning we all woke up, had breakfast, and laid around for awhile watching Faye's new Barbie movie that the Easter bunny had brought her. We had originally planned on going to mass that morning but our lack of getting up early and getting around ruled that out--no excuse, I know. At about 10 we finally decided we needed to get ready to head to Grandma's if we at least wanted to make it to that! This is quite the process when it's more than just Ryan and I getting ready; our bathroom is about as big as a linen closet.

We all got dressed in our Sunday best and headed to Grandma's around noon. The entire family wasn't there but there were a few of us. My cousins who didn't plan on coming even showed up to say hi to everyone. We all had lunch, chatted, and took a bunch of pictures before we said bye to everyone and headed out to Ryan's parents--once again, holidays ARE a juggling act. We didn't eat lunch here, as we had just eaten a big meal, but got to chat a bit and watch baseball with the fam...Easter at its finest :).

Ryan kept teasing me all day saying I was the best fiance in the world because I was going to spend my birthday on the golf course with him--I know he was just kidding (kind of) but once out at his parents, I got a little antsy and was ready to enjoy the weather so IIII asked HIIIIM if he wanted to go out there for a few holes. We said goodbye to everyone and headed to the country club. To our surprise, it was dead there and we got through several holes rather quickly but I soon started to get cold and even wrapped in Ryan's Northface, I told him I couldn't stay out there much longer--I felt like an ice sickle. We called it a wrap and headed back home to relax for a little bit before heading to my birthday dinner (yes, it really was my birthday dinner) with my parents.

We spent the evening with my parents having dinner at the resort, my favorite restaurant, and celebrating Easter and my birthday. My mom gave us a cute little Easter basket that was filled with Easter things and my birthday gifts. So cute! After dinner and desserts, this birthday girl and Ryan were ready to head back home to the puppies and our television!!

It was quite the busy day/weekend--I am SO blessed to have so many people I got to share it with!! I hope you all enjoyed Easter as much as I did!!

Funny story: Faye was really poking and prodding about the Easter bunny Saturday night; she was concerned that there was no chimney for him to come down, meaning he might not remember she was at our house. We assured her that he finds a way to get in, just as Santa Clause does. Then, as she went to bed, she asked to keep her bedroom door open and said "I hope the dogs bark at him so I can catch him!" :) It was so cute. She fell asleep right away and coincidentally, the dogs DID bark when they heard commotion--I could have killed them! (Luckily, I don't think she heard a thing.) The next morning after getting her gifts she wanted to go outside and see if the Easter Bunny had left any tracks haha. She was looking all around the house and out the window to see if she could see anything. Ooooh the innocence.

Birthday flowers that the girls got me

My parents and I that afternoon!

My Easter lillies that Ryan got me Friday afternoon. They REALLY blossomed this weekend!!


Me on my birthday with my b-e-a-utiful flowers

The flowers from the girls again...isn't the note cute?! I can't believe they wrote that :)

Getting ready to leave...I don't think they were ready for the picture haha whoops!

My birthday/Easter outfit I was SOOO excited to wear!! Ryan kept telling me I "looked like an Easter egg" though. :)

Miss Faye in her Easter dress

Ryan and I Easter morning

Miss Faye and I, getting ready to head to Grandma's

They smelled sooo good!!

I know some people might be completely down about the fact that they are turning 25 (or even older), but I have absolutely no shame in it! I don't look at it as what I haven't accomplished in these 25 years, although I swore I would quit picking my nails 17 years ago; or where I thought I would be compared to where I actually am, I always figured I'd be married with a plethora of kids by now. Instead, I view it as being able to celebrate another year of this crazy life, being one step closer to all those dreams I haven't yet reached, and being alive and healthy--which I sometimes take for granted! So happy 25 to me!!


  1. I loveeeee your blog posts!!!!!!!!

    1. Aww thanks so much!! I love writing them and keeping everyone informed on whats going on in my life--plus, it's nice to have them to look back on!!


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