Monday, January 16, 2012


With my wedding less than a year away, I have been a busy body trying to come up with ideas. One of my ideas, for ideas, was to attend a bridal show. I have always seen the previews on the television or heard ads on the radio and always wanted to go to one but never had a reason to go before now.

With the finalization of the date and more and more things being set in place, i started scoping out bridal shows last month and writing them all in my calendar. I scoped out ones from here, to Ames, to Cedar Rapids, and even Omaha. Then, i started the daunting task of asking different friends and family if they'd be willing to get dragged (I should use the word "drug" because that's probably what they would have to be on to be willing to go to one of these with me) along to one of these with me on select dates.

Not being able to attend the one just a couple of weekends ago in Des Moines, I was REALLY excited to attend the one this weekend in Omaha. I had even convinced Ryan to take time off work for it and go with. So Sunday morning, we started our trek to Omaha for my first ever bridal show.

Once we paid the $8 parking, and the $20 admission, I was thrilled to get in the door. I wanted to see all the vendors and their offerings, a fashion show, and other brides and their excitement. But walking in, that is exactly what we DIDN'T see.

We walked in, only to be greeted by HUNDREDS of people, walking shoulder-to-shoulder in chaotic lines, through the middle of the Quest Center (now, Centurylink Center). Music was blasting from several different vendors, on all different stations, making the place sound somewhat like a classroom when I tell everyone to "work quietly." HA! Vendors were on either sides of these chaotic lines but were nearly impossible to get to. When I say "nearly impossible" I mean they were as hard to get to as Pluto is. Heck, we don't even know if it's still in our galaxy or not and whether it's a star or planet--that's how I felt about getting to these vendors. They were there, and you could kind of, sort of, barely see their signs, but figuring out which stand to go to and when the perfect time to push 400 people out of your way was, was certainly an art, that is for sure.

After doing this a few hundred times, yes--that means I pushed nearly 120,000 people out of my way : ) #justkidding, we finally made it down one aisle (not the aisle I'm doing this all for) and stared ahead as we had two more to go down. We kind of stood aside and gathered ourselves as we decided which aisle to start on next. After the first though, I had realized there was nothing I reeeally had taken away from this yet; there were no cool setups, and talking to anyone about anything remotely important was impossible. My brain was fried and we had two more to go.

We started down the next aisle and I slowly began to realize I needed to do this more strategically. I needed to look ahead and tell Ryan exactly which stands I wanted to stop at, and not get out of line until then. So, we tried this approach and surprisingly, it went much smoother. We fought off hundreds of people and stopped at a few stands I wanted to see.

After getting to the end of the second aisle, we realized it was almost 1:30 and the second fashion show was about to start--this is where the ONLY positive of the day comes into play. We stared at all the taken seats and all the people standing with nowhere to sit, (who planned this thing anyway?!) and then finally Ryan spotted a couple seats clear across the arena that were open. We headed over and had a seat. As the fashion show started, I was quickly bored out of my mind with the terrible music and hideous dresses UNTIL...right before my eyes...was the dress I have had my eyes on for months! I had never seen this dress in person yet, only online, and had never actually seen it in white (which is what I want) only in ivory. I was BEYOND excited to see that it was even more beautiful than I had envisioned. Absolutely stunning. To my surprise, Ryan even said it was his favorite and said it was beautiful. That, my friends, was THE BEST part of my entire day and quite honestly, made the whole day worth while.

Shortly before the fashion show ended, and having seen my favorite dress (and hopefully MY dress) already on the runway, we decided to pack up our things and head down the last aisle before leaving, hoping to beat some of the crowd from the fashion show. Since everyone was busy looking at hideous things, such as leprechaun green bridesmaid dresses, the aisle was quite calm and I got to talk to a few people AND get a manicure/massage! Don't worry, Ryan was entertaining himself this entire time with food. He ate everything from cake, brownies, pretzels dipped in a chocolate fountain, to chicken cordon bleu!

We zipped through the last aisle and then stopped at the Sandals resort on the way out, talking to the people for quite some time, and then headed out to the car.

We walked out of the place, hand in hand, not sure of what had just happened, and how we managed to still be together in a place so crowded and chaotic. We got the car and both took a deep breath and looked at each other and just kind of laughed. Ryan said he was hungry and I said I was tired. What a day it was.

Before even making it home, I texted my cousins and said to cancel our plans for the wedding shows in February and March. No thanks! No more {big} wedding shows for this girl; mark my word.

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