Thursday, July 7, 2011

...ENGAGED!!! (part 1)

Yes, yes, YES!!! Ryan and I are engaged!! After 6 years of dating, we are officially more than just boyfriend and girlfriend, but less than married. I am soooo excited that words cannot explain the feeling I have!!

I have wanted to tell you guys all the deets for quite some time, but honestly haven’t taken the time to type out a post—I have really only told the full story to a few people, actually!!

So, lets get to it. How did it happen? When did it happen? Was I surprised? Am I excited? Do we have a date yet? Do I know what colors I want? Etc.

So it all started over Christmas Break in 2004…

Just kidding!! I’m not going to drag you guys back through our relationship :) I’d be typing for days!! BUT just as a little prologue—Ryan and I started dating on May 21st, 2005. We had been talking for months at this point and going on dates here and there but he was up at college and I was still in high school so the timing really wasn’t right until this point. One night, at about 3 AM when he was leaving my house, we were standing in our doorway (of the house we live in now too) and he asked me to be his girlfriend.

BACKGROUND: If you’re a faithful follower of mine, you know that Ryan and I have been “ring shopping” for over a year now. I mean, it’s not like we go look at rings every weekend, but we basically have scoped out every jeweler except the ones lining the streets on NYC in trench coats. We decided long ago that I would narrow my search down to a few rings and Ryan would ultimately pick out the ring he liked best. He, also, would be the sole decider on the carat size. With that being said, I just recently found THE ring. I didn’t emphasize (Ryan would disagree) my love for this ring like crazy but it certainly was the one I felt most connected to. The others were sort of “ooh I like THIS” but this one was something different, more like a love! So, with finding THE ring out of the way, I left the rest up to Ryan. My only specifications were that he didn’t tell me what ring I was getting, when he was getting it, and how he was going to do it; I didn’t want to know any of that. Also, I didn’t want him to propose on Christmas, Valentine’s day, my birthday, or our anniversary. And if you know me, you know this is typical Audrie Fashion—type A personality, control freak, crazy.

So, months rolled around, no ring. More months rolled around, no ring. Finally our anniversary rolled around. I had been begging Ryan to take me to Iowa City for quite some time at this point and INSISTING I needed some Graze (my all time fav restaurant) in my life if he wanted me to live much longer. With that being said, he mentioned us going to Iowa City for our anniversary. I was obviously all about it. I called and made reservations for dinner a couple weeks early (it is sooo crazy busy) and we planned out our day.

The morning of, we woke up and basically did nothing. We laid around watching TV and doing usual Audrie and Ryan things (nothing) until we got around to getting ready and heading up to Iowa City. We ended up having a late lunch and it dawned on me that an early dinner probably wasn’t a good idea so I called and talked to a couple different people and got our reservations switched to 9pm instead. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Iowa City, checking out the Pedmall and driving by all of our old apartments, houses, work places, dog park, etc. We literally spent the day reminiscing.

We then went to dinner and even got seats out on the patio—yay!! It was absolutely gorgeous out and there was a band playing in the pedmall also, which if you’ve ever spent college days at Iowa City, you know is the hip thing  We enjoyed dinner and drinks and walked around a bit longer afterwards before deciding to get back in the car. We stopped for ColdStone on the way (which is like, the best thing EVER) home, and got on the interstate.

About an hour into the drive it started pouring on us something terrible! It was literally so bad that we were going 25 mph and couldn’t see a thing. The wind was shaking the car and the lighting was giving me the worst migraine of my life. It was horrible. We later found out, after getting home, that there was a tornado WARNING right where we were and we had no idea—thank goodness I didn’t know because I would be a mess, you have noooo idea. So, I tried my hardest to close my eyes and not even think about the rain hitting the windshield, the shaking of the car, and the lighting that felt like it was hitting my brain.

We finally got close to town, and it was still raining out, but I felt much safer being on our own turf. We pulled in the drive way and looked at each other like “how are we going to get in the house without getting swept away in this mess?” We counted to 3 and both opened our doors and made a mad dash for the house, leftovers and purse in tow. Ryan unlocked the door as I covered my head and I ran in…